Top 10 Contact Centre Software and Technology

The top 10 contact centre technology award 2019 winners podium

Here are the results of our latest Top 10 Contact Centre Technology Awards.

Thanks to the 863 contact centre professionals who voted for these awards. It makes these the most impartial of all the contact centre technology awards.

  1. CustomerSure
  2. Netcall Liberty ContactCentre
  3. Scorebuddy QA
  4. Clarabridge Contact Center Solution
  5. Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud CC
  6. NVM Platform
  7. CallMiner Eureka Coach
  8. injixo WFM
  9. Noble Enterprise CC Solution
  10. The Genesys CX Platform

The Top 10 Contact Centre Technology

Overall Winner

1. CustomerSure

Product Name: CustomerSure

Brief overview of product: Obtaining and acting on customer feedback is one of the most cost-effective investments an organisation can make when looking to improve the customer experience and increase satisfaction and loyalty. CustomerSure is an easy way to set up a working customer feedback process, by obtaining opinions at important points in customer journeys.

The cloud platform makes it quick to set up simple surveys, connect to your existing IT systems – so surveys are sent at appropriate times – and makes it easy for you to instantly follow up on the feedback you receive, so customers are not left disappointed.

Alongside this feedback loop, CustomerSure provide powerful reporting tools – enabling you to report on your preferred satisfaction metric, whether that is Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort or your own in-house metric.

The platform then allows you to segment scores – by individuals or business units – perform text analysis to spot trends and provides detailed response rate reporting, so you know your surveys are making it through.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

Software implementation is often harder than it needs to be or fails completely because of poor vendor support.

CustomerSure aims to deliver the opposite – providing as much expert support as is needed to ensure that customers see success when they choose us.

Making feedback work takes more than a software purchase – it takes systems and training. CustomerSure’s consultants, all of whom have an industry background, work our customers to help set up these systems. We also work with our customers to identify the points in customer journeys where feedback should be collected, to maximise improvements in the customer experience.

Also, CustomerSure’s technical team aim to surprise every person who requests support by delivering a fast response that not only fixes their problem but understands their business needs.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: Approx 50, with team sizes ranging from 10-300.

Typical customers: Spark Energy, Bristol Water, Utilitywise, Tastecard/Gourmet Society, Parkdean Resorts, Royal Institute of British Architects, Portakabin

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: £999/mo

What our readers liked best:

“Absolute disposition of calls”

“Awesome product and customer service”

“Brilliant solution!”

“Clear and easy to use”

“Clear reports and dashboard view”

“Comprehensive and easy to use.”

“Ease of use and reliable; I can’t remember ever having a technical issue with it.”

“Ease of website and always updating. Fast response to emails and calls.”

“Ease of use, fantastic support, reliability”

“Easy to implement and use and captures actionable insight crucial to making and keeping customers happy – supplied with first class customer service”

“Easy to use and customisable”

“Easy to use and excellent support services”

“Easy to use, informative, clear dashboards, flexible, great personal support for any technical enquiries”

“Engagement from the company upon setup, consistently efficient resolution management, user friendly software and analytical potential.”

“Extremely user friendly”

“Functionality and ease of use”

“Gets fantastic customer feedback right onto our website”

“Great customer support on top of a high-quality feedback system I have been using for years. Love it to bits and wouldn’t move elsewhere.”

“Helpful and friendly team. Very knowledgeable and always there to support you.”

“Immediate and accurate reporting”

“Instantly being able to get timely and real feedback from our customers and react to it quickly. Great for customer retention and NPS”

“It gives clear, simple feedback and was very easy to integrate into our processes and to show the results to the world via our website.”

“It is affordable, it is untouchable (i.e. we don’t get to filter bad reviews), it has really trued us up to providing an excellent service”

“It is an easy tool to use and suits our purpose perfectly.”

“It’s simple, fast, and efficient”

“NPS Score”

“Outstanding ability to connect with our customers”

“Really supportive and helpful team. Great site and great product to use.”

“Simple and easy to use. Amazing support!”

“Simple to use – both for us and our clients Very reliable Very good reporting”

“Simple to use and interpret”

“Simple to use, and makes a difference to our business”

“Simplicity and end user experience, clear and visible results that help us to drive service improvements.”

“Simplicity of operation.”

“Slack integration”

“So easy for us and our customers to use!”

“Stellar application that allows for much customization of desired feedback. Support is excellent!”

“The dedication to developing, improving and maintaining a high-quality product.”

“The ease of use.”

“The people and systems”

“The rich insights genuinely help organisations to think and act in a more customer-centric way”

“The service is excellent. The communication and urgency to respond to customers is stand out. I like the way the product is explained simply and how the product is positioned in how it would work for your business in particular.”

“The follow up support was fast and learnt even more about various Customer Metrics.”

“The website is very clear and easy to use, and the reporting tool is excellent. Perfect for our needs”

“Very easy to use and the analytics are great”

“Very simple and the customer service has been outstanding so far”

“Very straightforward to use”

“We work well with the vendor, who is always willing to listen, understand our request and then advise and work with us to resolution. This has allowed us to automate and integrated their solution into our everyday activities. The insight we gain from this, helps us drive strategy and improvement initiatives.”

How could the product be improved?

“Additional apps would be great”

“As it develops, add in the ability to feed into broader activities such as customer journey mapping work and internal communications about a customer-centric culture.”

“At par with the contemporaries now”

“Automatically tweet a 10/10 survey result”

“Better reporting features – charts, etc. Better facility to integrate this into other systems too.”

“Can’t comment”

“Can’t think of anything”

“Create an app so it’s easy to check scores etc while on the run! Enable download feature onto excel for a selected range of surveys – so we can have a data sheet showing names, score, comments etc”

“Great as it is”

“Haven’t thought of anything yet.”

“I can’t think of one thing that would need improving.”

“I don’t know, it’s pretty good now!”

“I think it’s always improving, really like the system and will continue to use…. if I do think of anything I will be in touch”

“I’d really love to see a live chat feature”

“It would be nice if you set a filter, then go into a comment that you don’t have to reset that filter each time you go back to the list of comments.”

“It’s pretty easy so happy with the way it works”

“Link to Google Reviews!”

“More customisation”

“More visual representation of the email campaign results (other than CSV output)”

“Not sure it can be!”

“Nothing just keep coming up with new ideas”

“Nothing springs to mind”

“Provide bespoke scoring matrix”

“Some navigation and settings could be clearer”

“The only potential improvement I would suggest is in the reporting, which is aesthetic and a personal preference more than a hindrance.”

“The product is awesome and is transforming how we measure our customer satisfaction and what areas we can improve our business. The support we have received from the team at Customersure has been exemplary and allowed us to capitalize on our implementation and deployment.”

“There is always room for improvement so keep innovating!”

“This platform has everything we could ever hope for.”

2. Netcall Telecom Limited

Product Name: Liberty ContactCentre

Brief overview of product: There is a sense of urgency around transforming your customer experience. Failed journeys cost productivity and customer loyalty. So automating end-to-end processes is essential. Netcall Liberty ContactCentre helps organisations streamline omnichannel customer interactions with a 360° view of your customers all on one unified platform. Take your CX to the next level. Use our Low-code to smartly manage multichannel processes, contacts, content and data.

  • Intelligently join-up your customer journey from first point of contact to completed process. Boost performance with useful tech e.g. chat bots and automated payments. Keep customers informed at every step, improve satisfaction and reduce inbound contact.
  • Free agents and mobile workers to work securely from anywhere or any device. Give them a unified customer view on a single browser-based interface.
  • Improve quality with the easy-to-use and flexible agent evaluation. Grow team skills and competencies. Happier employees deliver better service.
  • Extend the benefit of your social channels with secure customer-centric conversational messaging and sms.
  • Remove departmental silos. Integrate with legacy systems and fill the gaps in your technology. Rapidly update process changes, and enjoy 100% fit-for-purpose systems.
  • Real-time data visibility means you can see the impact of continuous improvements. See what’s happening as it happens on dashboards, wallboards and reports.
  • Bring customer experts and IT together to collaborate on CX as one team.

Your contact centre is the face of your organisation. Whatever your CX plans, have a clear plan for success. Join up your front, back and remote offices. When you need from the ground up with a collaborative, pragmatic, iterative approach, confidently consider Liberty ContactCentre.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

The Liberty ContactCentre solution is intuitive and easy to use for everyone. The tech available in any deployment is designed for today, with inbuilt flexibility. Successful CX now, and in the future.

  • Agents work on a single interface which integrates with your legacy solutions.
  • Management see data in real-time. Make informed adjustments to changing demand.
  • Manage process hiccups with automated alerts. Then, quickly see the real reason and make needed adjustments.
  • Train the trainer and free ongoing on-line training improves productivity.
  • It’s a practical, cost-effective and unified approach to transformation. Manage security, governance and your GDPR compliance.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: More than 150 UK contact centres are using Netcall Liberty ContactCentre which we estimate equates to over 15,000 total agents.

Typical customers: Over the last twenty years, Netcall has developed solutions to meet the needs of contact centres and their customers. Netcall has built significant experience and reputation within the public sector, working with many NHS Trusts and local government organisations. In addition, we have assisted some of the UK’s largest private companies to drive excellence in customer experience and communications.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution:Our pricing is dependent on the offering chosen

What our readers liked best:

“Clear information. Able to see at a glance what is needed for a large Team…”

“Does everything it is supposed to do with no hassles.”

“Does what it says on the tin”

“Ease of use and reporting. Plus, the audit trial on all calls”

“Ease of use backed up by very knowledgeable and quick to respond Service Desk.”

“Ease of use for everyone”

“Ease of use, functionality and continuous development of the system. Recent changes to allow for Omni channel contact will transform the way we communicate with our customers.”

“Easy to use and has enabled us to streamline our systems”

“Easy to use and reliable – our IT helpdesk love it”

“Easy to use and to train staff and supervisors”

“Easy to use and very powerful feature set.”

“Easy to use, good reporting tools, good platform for self-managed changes”

“Excellent customer service and support providing an innovative service”

“Excellent UI and works as intended”

“Flexibility and ease of use.”

“Flexibility to change options on site without having to contact the supplier”

“Flexible adaptive and works”

“Friendly, helpful approach”

“Full of features, which are integrated”


“I like the autonomy I have as I am able to easily amend operational aspects such as skillsets, agency status, activity codes etc. Running reports is easy, and call monitoring is very good.”

“It has vastly improved how we do things in the contact centre, better managing available staff resources, routing of calls to the right agents, advanced reporting functions and the intuitive user interface that works consistently across the platform.”

“It’s really easy to use and integrates very well into our systems. It’s also allowed us to free up staff administration time when dealing with callers.”

“Modular approach, working on the same platform as non-contact centre applications.”

“Excellent customer support”

“Positive user experience due to enhanced user interface and modular design. Allows user to tailor their view to show exactly what they want and define alerts and notifications if thresholds are breached. As the application is modular it allows further applications to be added to improve functionality or customer satisfaction.”

“Powerful software, reliable”

“Reliability – once running we have never had to provide support to this product. Also, there are regular customer contacts to ensure all is well.”

“Simplicity and GUI”

“Simplicity of use & reliability”

“The ability to take different communication types and place them all into one call queue”

“The CC is really intuitive and a dream for agents, supervisors and system admins. No issues experienced with the system whatsoever!”

“The ease of use from installation to operation”

“The versatility of the product and quality of the associated support and customer service”

“Totally customisable and very reliable”

“Very easy to use, no reliance on IT department to administer the solution. The support provided is also fantastic.”

“Very reliable and easy to administer”

“Visibility across contact centre activity.

How could the product be improved?

“A standalone demand capture facility rather than having to use activity codes”

“Ability to sub divide directory information via group”

“Additional work to separate channels for certain services.”

“Admin page could be played out better”

“Being able to automatically run, export and file specific reports periodically would be good, selecting which columns I want in the spreadsheet too would be very helpful.”

“Being able to take a web chat as well as being on a call”

“Better integration with other online messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter dms… But those features I understand are in development.”

“Chat bot”

“Could be slightly less complicated for administrators”

“Database search engine could be improved”

“Further wall board options would be nice”

“Improve the flexibility of team and groups.”

“It continues to improve”

“It’s expensive, price reduction would be good”

“Longer range of data for previous years”

“More access to build bespoke reporting.”

“Nothing at this stage”

“Only a few minor admin tweaks here and there.”

“Quicker running but that could be down to other factors in our organisation”

“Simpler resilience”

“Some additional features adding in the future”

“The administrator panel could be improved to align it with the style of the agent dashboards.”

“Throughout its use at the County Council, there have been minor improvements that have been suggested back to Netcall. Some have been taken on board, some remain on the wish list.”

3. Scorebuddy

Product Name: Scorebuddy QA

Brief overview of product: Scorebuddy is a Cloud based staff Quality Assessment (QA) tool used by contact centres to measure and improve overall staff performance. Functionality ensures the handling of all forms of customer interactions, ultimately leading to enhanced end-user customer experience.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

Scorebuddy Introduction

Over the last year, since our last award from CCH we have been busily improving our solution. Below is a list of new integrations, new features and dashboards, demonstrating our commitment to improving our solution as well as to excellent customer service.
Some of the features that set our product apart the competition include:

  • Agent Engagement
  • Multiple – Flexible Scorecard types (Standard, success, non-numeric)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Quality Analytics
  • Multi-tenant environment

Scorebuddy New Releases And Features

We have implemented a number of integrations that allow our clients to seamlessly work between Scorebuddy and these world class vendors including:


  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Livezilla

New Features:

Intelligent Staff Uploader

Preview Scorecard Option

New Dashboards –

  • Global Admin
  • Group Admin
  • Team Admin

New for Agent Insight Customers

  • Supervisor Notifications
  • Non-Numeric scorecards
  • Success Scorecards

Security Enhancements


  • 5 New Reports
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Enhancement to existing reports

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: More than 70 UK contact centres with several thousand agents.

Typical customers: Some UK customer examples:

  • Just Eat
  • Financial Times
  • Capital One
  • Capita
  • Boohoo
  • Halfords
  • WWF
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: £900 per month

What our readers liked best:

“Analytics & ease of use”

“Customisation is possible”

“Ease of use and analytics”

“Ease of use clear and consistent”

“Ease of use, little or no training and a tool for accurate and important management metrics!”

“Easy follow up for QA reviews”

“Easy to build scorecards and good analytics”

“Easy user interface”

“Excellent UI; Easy to use and communicate to others”

“Good user-friendly interface”

“Helped eliminate Spreadsheets Better interaction with Agent Base Better Calibration documentation Better feasibility to tracking reviews completed Easy Reporting Agent Dashboard Awesome Support Staff”

“I LOVE how Scorebuddy can react immediately by providing feedback to the agent via email. I also love that you can add kudo points because it allows us to provide incentives to the agents.”


“It is good with insight reporting”

“It provides me with good clear information for my MI reports”

“It’s an all in one tool for quality, from scoring to feedback to reporting. Also, how Scorebuddy listened to their client base and are always willing to adapt and update the technology to suit the needs of their users.”

“Its flexibility and adaptability”

“Its name, design, font selection, spacing between lines, colours chosen, its logo – Everything including coding.”

“Really useful when it comes to business and statistics”

“Scorecards and Integration options”

“Simplicity of use and ease of implementation. Represents very good VFM and just fits brilliantly into our very complex and busy organization.”

“Simplicity to use”

“The analytics”

“The ease of reporting so I can see the results for my entire team at one glance, download results for including in performance reporting and drill down to individuals for their personal development.”

“The ease of the platform”

“The flexibility and ease of use.”

“The product is geared to agent skills development which directly impacts churn rather than for ease of call centre management.”

“The scorebuddy product is user friendly and meets our requirements as a quality scoring system. The reporting ability is superb and enables us to extract the real information we require.”

“The simplicity and intuitiveness. We have been able to manage the product very easily ourselves as well as get some really helpful insight from the reporting, which makes it perfect for our use.”

“The software is very helpful, complete and I never had any issues. The support team is awesome, and they always keep me updated with a value QA information.”

“User friendly and great support from the Scorebuddy team.”

“Very complete tool that we use to improve our service quality. I also very much like the fact that our improvement suggestions are taken seriously and have been implemented as well.

How could the product be improved?

“Adding additional items to reporting”

“Analytics section can be time consuming to get to the report you need”

“Auto delete”

“Be easily integrated into various CRMs”

“Be made more bespoke for each user”

“By improving the UI”

“Continue to build out API connections to integrate with more varied systems used in concert in all call centres for more automation and less manual work.”

“Gamification interface”

“Great as it is”

“Include the ability to customize reports When a question scores as “No”, scorecard colour should default to a different colour not green. Success rate scorecard agent dashboard has a fantastic visual, all other scorecards should have the same visual. Find a happy medium between the success rate and standard scorecards.”

“Invest in voice recording messages”

“Keep it up”

“More flexibility in some specific features”

“More friendly design”

“No additional cost for Analytics”

“Not known at present”

“Occasional bug”

“Play with percentage”

“Possibility to extract raw data to excel from the browser.”

“Some of the reporting that you get as part of the advanced reporting package isn’t as intuitive to use as the rest of it (i.e. Creating new scorecards)”

“Sometimes it’s easy to miss when new feature are added.”

“The product has potential beyond its CC environment, and we’d like to understand the opportunities with supplier in more depth, when we get the chance to – just time on our part, not the supplier.”

“There’s nothing I can think of. I’ll leave that to their developers as they seem to be doing a grand job so far.”

“We are very happy with the product and the client service we receive from Dick and all his team is second to none.”

4. Clarabridge

Product Name: Clarabridge Contact Center Solution

Brief overview of product: The Clarabridge Contact Center is the only solution that utilizes AI-powered voice-to-text approach to analysis and is powered by the industry-recognized best-in-class text analytics engine to provide a 360 degree view of all customer feedback and deep insights to improve strategy, processes, and systems.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

True Omni-Channel: With 50+ pre-built data connectors including emerging channels such as WhatsApp, the Clarabridge Contact Center solution enables businesses to blend and analyze all of their call and digital conversation data (emails, chats, messaging) with other sources such as surveys, social, forums, ratings and reviews to get a true understanding of the holistic voice of their customers.

Best-in-Class Text Analytics: Touted as the “brain of CX” by Forrester Research, Clarabridge has the best-in-class text analytics engine that goes beyond basic sentiment analysis to include customer effort, intent, and emotion. A patented theme detection engine uses AI and machine learning to highlight emerging trends and themes.

Unique Voice-to-Text Conversation Analytics: With its cutting-edge voice-to-text conversation analytics, the Clarabridge Contact Center is best suited for enterprise-wide and large scale speech analytics deployments. Designed to provide higher precision rate, faster speed with more accuracy, the ability to leverage the same taxonomy across multiple text-based sources, the solution delivers on the promise of true speech analytics.

AI-Powered Agent Coaching Capabilities: Unlike traditional contact center solutions, Clarabridge’s AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine automatically scans all the calls and intelligently prioritizes coaching opportunities for supervisors and coaches without having to listen to calls.

Fortune 500 Customers Across Verticals: Purpose-built for customer experience (CX), Clarabridge enables thousands of global brands manage their customer feedback and interaction as a big data problem and empower them to transcend from insights to action.

Approx. number of UK/other contact centres using the product:  The solution is currently used by a range of customers across industries and supports 50-70 contact centers across these customers.

Typical customers: 

  • Healthcare
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Retail
  • CPG/Appliances/Manufacturing

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Custom pricing dependent on data sources including channels and languages

What our readers liked best:

“Aggregates all of our VOC sources together into one consolidated platform. Dashboarding capabilities have drastically improved over the years.”

“An amazing way to integrate all of our company’s data points. In just a few short months we are already making changes and seeing results due to the new way to view information.”

“Clarabridge enhances our auditing procedures to ensure quality and enforce retraining. It is a great tool that we use during our daily tasks. It has definitely made an impact on our company and it is highly recommended.”

“Clarabridge platform is very user friendly. There is no headache in setting up the platform. You can start operating the platform in a days’ time. The insights feature takes away any shortcomings you might have if your team doesn’t have a data analyst. It is very easy to create custom dashboards and have them published or mailed to the relevant stakeholders.”

“Clarabridge’s AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that enables businesses to blend and analyse all of their call and digital conversation data with other sources such as surveys, social, forums, ratings and reviews”

“Data Modelling & Sentiment Analysis Flexibility to develop a Presentation Layer for a license holder.”

“Ease of use and reporting”

“Ease of use and flexibility.”

“Ease of use, look/feel of dashboards, partnership with support team”

“Easy to understand and use”

“Easy to use and great partners”

“Flexible, easy to use and accurate information”

“Good focus on analytics and still new enough that customer opinion matters when determining roadmap.”

“Great customer service and collaboration and an extremely powerful tool”

“Hides the technical details and gives end users an easy interface to work with the tool.”

“I am a consumer of Clarabridge products and what I like best about the product is the excellence on service they proportionate.”

“Ideal tool because it makes it possible to treat multiple channels and also has a very good team of service and support.”

“It gives us the ability to identify what customers are saying, how they feel about a topic and use structured attributes for analysis. It’s a powerful tool that’s helping us improve our business per customer feedback.”

“It works slow and gives us free time!”

“It’s easy of use along with its reporting functionality”

“It’s one of the best aggregation platforms I’ve seen. It brings multiple social channels and e-mail addresses for multiple brands on to one screen for staff to work from.”

“Modelling, sentiment classification”

“Personnel Support and Product Flexibility – can continually add various data sources”


“The ability for many users to utilize and visualize NLP. The constant improvements.”

“The ability to easily decipher complex data sets into customer insights and the ability to disseminate that data in a packaged report suite”

“The ability to tune things to specific use cases and terminology that may be proprietary to your platform.”

“The very large amount of available options and features but even more so the responsiveness of our direct support contact.”

“They have an amazing support team.”

“Usability of platform and continuous improvement of product to aggregate and analyze Voice of Customer feedback, specifically care center calls.”

“User friendly ability to address issues daily good support base.”

“Versatility. Using to target various subjects for insight based on customer’s expressed needs for training and relevant marketing.”

How could the product be improved?

“Add voice line

“Automated conversations. Updating dashboards automatically when saved filters changed.”

“Continue to evolve the quality assurance piece of the software”

“Continuous investment on product development to maintain up to date with language rules changes and keep up with language complexity to improve precision on text analytics.”

“Costing & Scalable solution”

“I cannot think of anything.”

“I’d like to see more options for API connections to incorporate data sources.”

“If only it can be slower…”

“Include voice to text conversion for a more seamless process and eliminating the need for a separate vendor in the mix”

“Make categorization more automated.”


“Open up some of the restricted features to allow experienced dev teams to amend the platform.”

“Pretty impressive now.”


“Provide a ticketing system as an add-on for businesses that don’t have a CRM and/or a ticketing system”

“The ability to easily do complex adhoc searches without administrative licenses”

“The only one thing that seems to be missing is a Case Management tool for interactions from customers that don’t come from social media/e-mails. That would make a complete package for us and make life much easier.”

“The product is easy to use out of the box including the reporting, however it can restrict advanced users. Allowing for more customization would be of real benefit”

“The sentiment analysis still needs work as there are many mistakes when the language is in French or Arabic.”

“They’re working on it, just further integration and streamlining.”

“Tool is working very slow, it must be improved.”

“Uncertain, as they’re always proactively improving the tool.”

“Unlimited char space for twitter users”

5. Talkdesk

Product Name: Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center

Brief overview of product: Talkdesk is an enterprise cloud contact center that empowers companies to make customer experience their competitive advantage. It combines enterprise performance with consumer simplicity, so our customers can easily improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

The core tenets, and unique selling points of the Talkdesk approach are:

  • Actively Intelligent: Talkdesk IQ infuses the power of artificial intelligence into every element of Talkdesk to drive higher efficiency, cost reduction and improved customer experience. Talkdesk IQ is AI so simple, all you see is results.
  • Powerfully Simple: Get started fast with an implementation that is done in weeks not months. The consumer-app like interface is so intuitive agents and reps can get started with little to no training. Administrators are empowered to make ongoing improvements.
  • Seamlessly Connected: Give your teams access to the information and tools they need to better serve your customers.
    • Talkdesk provides 50+ out of the box integrations with the most popular business tools and open APIs that enable integration across every facet of your ecosystem, so you can design an experience that naturally fits the needs of your customers and your teams.
    • AppConnect, the first enterprise contact center app ecosystem, offers one-click integration that allows you to instantly extend your content center solution with best-of-breed apps.
  • Endlessly Adaptable: Instantly leverage new capabilities that Talkdesk delivers in three updates per year. Front line administrators can make changes quickly, for example to IVRs and routing flows, with clicks, not code.
  • Enterprise Class: Rely on Talkdesk to power your contact centers across the globe. Talkdesk offers the scalability, reliability and security required by large global organizations. The microservices API-driven architecture allows you ultimate flexibility to serve your customers anywhere in the world, on any device and through any channel.
    • Leading global call quality, high availability, investment in the latest security standards and scalability supported by nine global data centers.
    • Talkdesk offers the industry’s first and only 100% uptime SLA

Talkdesk’s key distinguishing feature and unique selling point is Talkdesk iQ which allows customer service leaders to immediately leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Infused throughout the Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center, Talkdesk iQ mines billions of interactions to reveal customer insights and trends and drive predictive recommendations to optimize agent and contact center efficiency. This platform innovation delivers visible results leading to better customer/agent engagement, contact center operations and decisions. Examples of IQ-infused capabilities include:

  • IQ-powered Assistant automatically handles routine customer needs (cost savings), understand when a live agent is needed and route to an agent along with the relevant context (improved CX).
  • IQ-powered Analytics clusters and reveals trending topics. It can also identify underperforming agents and automatically recommend training topics based on perceived knowledge gaps.
  • IQ-powered Mobile provides automatic customer mood detection so agents are empowered to appropriately and empathetically handle interactions.
  • IQ-powered Self-Service displays estimated wait time and even presents best-fit channel recommendations to streamline self-service.
  • IQ-powered Studio offers routing optimization suggestions and predict the effectiveness of the suggestions, such as reduced call transfers and call duration.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: 8,500 agents in EMEA. 50 contact centres and 2,500 agents in UK.

Typical customers: Talkdesk typical customers are companies who are passionate about customer experience, but frustrated by the traditional on-premises and first-generation cloud systems that are unable to keep pace with ever-evolving business and customer expectations. That’s why enterprises are turning to Talkdesk. With enterprise performance and consumer-like ease of use, Talkdesk allows companies to make customer experience their competitive advantage. Talkdesk customers leverage the quick and easy adaptation of the contact centre operations, resulting in increased productivity, customer satisfaction and cost saving.

Talkdesk customers include:

Acxiom, Avetta, Boostability, Cognosante, Discovery Education, Glintt, Hotel Tonight, IBM, Mercado Libre, Peloton, The Scotts Company, Tuft & Needle, and Zumiez. More customers and details available here

Typical price for a 100 agent solution:

Professional Edition: $65 per user per month
Enterprise Edition: $125 per user per month

What our readers liked best:

“Ease of administration”

“Ease of use and customer support”

“Easy contact center management for small to large companies.”

“Easy to use and calls are clear”

“Easy to use and intuitive!”

“Fast and efficient”

“It works well, integrates with Zendesk, and is super-easy to configure. We’re saving $$$ from our old, managed PBX.”

“Quality and ease of use”

“Seamless integration with clear value proposition”

“Seeing information from caller before you pick up”

“Straight-forward product with ease of use for agents.”

“The ease of use.”

“The ease of user experience”

“The easiness of it”

“Their customer service is amazing”

“Very easy to use, works perfectly with our PSA and is fully integrated with it!”

“Works consistently”

How could the product be improved?

“A dark version of the app would be nice.”

“Always becoming faster!”

“Better features with all providers (Italy)”

“Better options re. Call type”

“Better reporting options”

“Call quality”

“Can’t think of anything.”

“Haven’t found room for improvement as yet”

“It seems very stable, does not need improvement.”

“More countries to pick phone numbers from”

“More reporting options”

“Nothing really, it meets our needs”

“Perhaps to be able to connect via our mobiles??”

“Quicker product improvement roll outs”

“Release mobile app.”

“The error saying “fetching data” for a while and not being able to pick up”

“Try and reduce lags when calls are overloaded”

6. NewVoiceMedia

Product Name: NVM Platform

Brief overview of product: NewVoiceMedia, a Vonage Company, is a leading global provider of cloud contact centre and inside sales technology that enables businesses to create exceptional, emotive customer experiences to serve better and sell more.

The only truly global platform that addresses requirements for both sales and service teams, NVM Platform enables organisations to personalise every conversation they have with their customers and prospects, irrespective of channel, by connecting customer insight and agent performance on a single, global communications platform.

With a true cloud environment and proven 99.999% platform availability, NVM ensures complete flexibility, scalability and reliability.

NewVoiceMedia integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, the world’s fastest-growing CRM software, and is the highest rated partner on the Salesforce AppExchange, scoring a perfect 5 out of 5 rating from more than 400 users worldwide.

In late 2018, the company was positioned as a ‘Leader’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service, Western Europe, for the second consecutive year.

In November 2018, NVM was acquired by Vonage, a business cloud communications leader.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?

Deep Salesforce integration

NVM platform is a multi-award-winning true cloud solution with the strongest Salesforce CTI integration on the market.

With this seamless integration at the very heart of NewVoiceMedia’s cloud contact centre technology, businesses benefit from unrivaled access to their rich customer data, from every channel. Dynamic call routing, intelligent IVR and omni-channel capabilities mean customers reach the most appropriate advisor, who can resolve issues first time, smooth tricky conversations and add insight to everyday queries, creating personalised customer experiences that set you apart.

Industry-leading global call routing architecture ensures the highest quality customer experience across the world

NewVoiceMedia’s global call routing architecture has raised the bar on call quality for organisations running contact centres in multiple geographies. Using a single call plan in their NVM platform to control their global contact centre assets, businesses can configure and manage their global call centre more effectively through a single central touch point.

This allows better management of peak periods and agent shift changes in individual regions as the intelligent overflow capability automatically routes calls to centres with spare capacity, no matter what their location. Contact centres will be able to deliver a superior customer experience, with better visibility of agent productivity and centralised management reporting.

Turn the human voice into your greatest insight engine

NVM’s speech analytics solution, Conversation Analyzer, optimises its customers’ contact centre management and operations, enabling them to efficiently deliver a more personal customer experience. By using NVM with Conversation Analyzer, businesses benefit from a unified, pre-integrated platform that offers valuable insights into the data captured during customer interactions.

The system uses speech-to-text to transcribe calls and then deliver intelligent content categorisation for instant insight into common themes, as well as data visualisation for quick analysis and understanding of the classification and the successes and challenges in every conversation. When combined with interaction data from CRM software, businesses can begin to refine how to boost their successes and manage challenges more efficiently.

Workforce management solutions to optimise contact centre management and customer experience

Businesses can integrate off-platform workforce management tools with NVM Platform and take positive steps towards balancing the dilemma of needing to minimise operational costs while maximising service levels.

By using contact centre statistics, WFM solutions improve the accuracy of the business’s contact demand forecasts and create staffing schedules that ensure agents with the right skills are available at the right time. Furthermore, service levels are optimised as everyday use is simple and the upfront costs and burden on IT resources associated with traditional technology are removed.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: Over 300 businesses in the UK.

Typical customers: Canadian Cancer Society, DPD, Ebury, FCR Media, FlixBus, JustGiving, Kingston University, Lumesse, Net-A-Porter Group, Paysafe, Siemens, Shutterstock, Six Pack Shortcuts, Vax, Watch Shop, WorldRemit and Wowcher.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Price determined by functionality/services required.

What our readers liked best:


“Call routing configuration is super-flexible and easy to use. Salesforce integration is excellent.”

“Ease of use and customisation.”

“Ease of use and innovation”

“Ease of use and scalability”

“Flexibility and superior Salesforce integration”

“Helpful community help site is an additional bonus. Customers can share their ideas and issues collaboratively and the help content is extensive. Gives a real sense of community.”

“Integration to Salesforce”

“Salesforce integration”

“Solid setup, flexibility”

“Stability and ease of use”

“State of art tech and great client service. We are based in Amsterdam and these guys have been outstanding”

“That it is a pure cloud service. Scalable. Support around the clock.”

“The conversation analyser is an amazing tool.”

“The flexibility of the platform and the relationship we have the team at NVM”

How could the product be improved?

“”Ring all” function for groups of users that work as a close team where anyone can answer calls, and it’s very important that someone picks up quickly.”

“A lot of functionality is global, as if we have one type of user, which is not. So put more effort in tailoring the solution to the individual.”

“Better dialer”

“Better integration to Skype for business on prem setups.”

“Better UI in dashboard”

“Full stack of HPBX features below their CC offering.”

“Integration salesforce”

“More granularity in reporting options”

“Need to see some progress in the area of AI”

“Predictive dialing capabilities, UI/UX, speed”

“Ring all!”

“Skill management”

“The reporting side is a little complicated and would also benefit from allowing tailored reports.”

“They keep innovating and taking us forward. I have full trust in their team to keep pushing forward”

7. CallMiner

Product Name: CallMiner Eureka Coach

Brief overview of product: Since CallMiner’s inception back in 2002 we have always believed in the simple tenet that feedback is a gift and our entire Eureka product line has been expressly engineered under that notion of creating a user friendly, highly customisable platform that enables sharing actionable insights from interaction analytics with all stakeholders within an organisation.

CallMiner Eureka is a SaaS-based, customer engagement and speech analytics platform that leverages AI and machine learning to capture, transcribe and reveal insight from 100% of your customer interactions. The Eureka engagement analytics platform transforms the Voice of Your Customers and Agents into operational intelligence at scale with automated performance and sentiment scoring, topic discovery and trend presentation. Automated scoring with sentiment analysis, and sensitive data redaction, creates awareness at scale with evidence to more effectively drive customer experience, contact centre optimization, sales effectiveness and risk mitigation performance.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

In 2012, CallMiner lead the way in the industry with the first version of a genuine automated performance feedback portal for contact centre agents, supervisors and coaches. Now, with its latest iteration to the CallMiner Eureka platform, Eureka Coach continues CallMiner’s proud tradition of speech analytics superiority in the marketplace continues.

Eureka Coach is CallMiner’s new integrated agent quality management solution for building a culture of positive customer experience, improved compliance and reduced risk. Coach is designed to provide objective detail from every interaction, empowering managers and agents to focus on the importance of coaching and self-improvement. The three principal aspects of this bi-directional web-based performance feedback platform is:

  • To improve coaching effectiveness
  • Drive positive culture change
  • Inspire and motivate higher achievement.

Coaching Effectiveness

By objectively scoring each interaction, and summarising all interactions and scores, Eureka Coach enables coaches to target the key performance indicators where additional support can help drive agent improvement.

  1. MENTOR: Devote more time to coaching utilising scored insight to prioritize what matters most
  2. PERSONALISE: Coaching feedback tailored by interaction examples and alerts to encourage an agent’s change in behaviour
  3. SHARE: PCI-redacted audio and transcripts facilitates secure sharing with confidence

Cultural Change

Role-based dashboards encourage a culture of optimisation and enables a shift to an enthusiastic bidirectional performance engagement with agents and coaches.

  1. DELEGATE: Deliver effective coaching insights with directed comments, audio examples and accountability requirement
  2. EMPOWER: Bi-directional communication promotes root-cause awareness and coaching effectiveness
  3. SELF-IMPROVE: Agent dashboards, providing personal & team comparative performance measures, encourage self-improvement.

Motivated Achievement

Because there is greater acceptance by the agent community (and coaches) of the trusted objectivity of the interaction scoring, Eureka Coach encourages agent self-improvement and enhances quality outcomes to motivate performance enhancement.

  1. ENGAGE: More effectively engage agents and improve behaviours with trusted insight, personalised examples and identified goals
  2. MOTIVATE: Role-based agent dashboards providing gamified incentives for agent improvements
  3. TRUST: Objective analysis of every interaction supports uniquely trusted coaching effectiveness

While Eureka Coach is the latest integrated iteration of our Performance Feedback portal, it is based on the proven notion that consistent, unbiased scoring and feedback provides the best way to ensure that agents and coaches are on the same page. It provides the basis for constructive bidirectional performance improving dialog.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: Our customers are spread across many contact centres in the UK, there are approximately 50 contact centre locations benefitting from Eureka. Eureka Coach is currently being rolled out and around 10 locations benefit from it.

Typical customers:  CallMiner’s Interaction Analytics technology covers a broad range of verticals and their applied use cases such as financial services, consumer goods, utilities, healthcare, travel & tourism and many more.

Among UK customers using CallMiner Interaction Analytics Technology are the following:

  • Just Retirement
  • Direct Line Group
  • British Gas
  • Phillips & Cohen
  • Vanquis Bank
  • Cabot Financial
  • Protect Line
  • Just Retirement
  • Ombudsman Services
  • Santander Consumer
  • Vitality Health Insurance

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: SaaS Annual Subscription License for CallMiner’s Eureka Coach (which is combined with the baseline CallMiner Eureka Analyze platform) would be approximately £110,000 which would support 60,000 hours per year of call mining.

What our readers liked best:

“Accuracy and flexibility”

“Agent Self-Coaching Ability”

“CallMiner is a customer based easy to work system and a great sharing platform to engage with similar-like career individuals that allow you to improve your overall business in a quality and production-based environment.”

“Configurable, easy to navigate and constantly challenging the status quo”

“Ease of coaching to agents within the tool. Dashboards are user friendly and easily understood when onboarding new agents.”

“Easy to setup and use”

“Easy to use and absolutely incredible support the few times I’ve needed it.”

“Great Customization and Configurability”

“I feel like CallMiner is a true thought leader in the speech analytics industry. The capabilities are endless with this tool.”

“Simple to use and gives you all the information.”

“The community surrounding the product.”

“The ease of the application and the detail it provides.”

“The overall product design and the ease of using it. Once configured, it’s easy for even agents to navigate and improve themselves. The Coach function is amazing.”

“User Interface”

“Very responsive and dedicate professionals.”

How could the product be improved?

“Accuracy of transcription – very good compared to rivals, but the possibilities with better accuracy are endless. Speed for calls to be processed”

“Additional functionality in Coach module”

“As tech grows looking at machine learning and predictive behaviour for customers and agents. I.E. Based on the information we have and how that call was handled / discussed it is most likely to generate another call from the customer.”

“Better Reporting Options”

“Business Intelligence capabilities could be improved, also integration to other QA platforms could be improved.”

“Integrated reporting tools”

“Keep moving in the same direction and listening to their user community.”

“More modelling templates.”

“The ability to pull more specific datasets from the API”

“There are some minor fixes and upgrades that could be done, and they may be on the horizon.”

“They are great; communication with their clients allows their product to continuously change based on our needs.”

“User tracking and reporting.

8. InVision AG

Product Name: injixo WFM

Brief overview of product: injixo is an award-winning workforce management application for contact centres of all sizes. The feature-rich WFM suite helps contact centres optimise and automate their entire workforce management process. injixo covers the full bandwidth of functionalities contact centres need,from forecasting and scheduling to intraday management, reporting and agent engagement. Our simple pay-per-use pricing model enables small and large contact centres alike to experience the full power of professional WFM – with maximum flexibility, ultimate scalability and minimum effort.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

injixo WFM empowers contact centres to facilitate and automate their entire workforce management process. This allows our customers to spend less time and effort on manual planning and scheduling – instead they can focus on what really matters: their employees and customers.

With the all-new fully-automatic injixo Forecast, our clients are able to save up to 75% of the spent on forecasting (contact volumes and average handling times). injixo Forecast uses self-learning algorithms and is always up-to-date, 24/7, 365 days per year to provide you with the best possible forecast for calls, chat, email and more.

injixo is a true cloud application and offers a bulletproof business case for your contact centre. There is no need for a capex budget, no need for a heavy IT project and no servers to buy and maintain. There is no annual big-bang update – new features are available to every customer as soon as they are released. In addition, we provide comprehensive onboarding support – you can log in within hours of signup and then experience a setup process that has been refined and proven over 300 installations worldwide. And the best thing is, you’re in the driver’s seat as you have full cost transparency and control. At injixo, it’s our mission every day to empower your contact centre and employees to serve your customers better – with intelligent workforce management

Plan smarter today: check out our powerful WFM-suite and mobile-friendly agent portal – request a demo via our website

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: More than 120 contact centres ranging in size from 30 to over 2,000 agents

Typical customers: injixo has customers across all industry sectors:

  • Healthcare: e.g. Appello, Derbyshire Health United
  • Insurance: e.g. Axa, AllClear, Sun Life
  • Outsourcing: e.g. Capita, DDC, VoxPro
  • Public sector: e.g. Ombudsman Service, North Tyneside Council
  • Retail: e.g. Harvey’s Furnishings, Hotter Comfort Concept, Specsavers
  • Technology: e.g. Photobox, Miele
  • Telecoms: e.g. Carphone Warehouse, Melita
  • Utilities: e.g. Opus Energy, Sutton & East Surrey Water, WaterPlus

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Our simple pay-per-use pricing is based on a subscription model, £9/user/month + £39//workload/month for our fully automatic injixo Forecast functionality. Considering a 100 agent contact centre and approximately 3 main activities (e.g. Customer Support Hotline, Chat and Email), you will end up with an overall cost of around £1k per month. More information on the pricing including an online calculator can be found here

What our readers liked best:

“Ability to connect to other systems via interface”

“Auto forecasting – makes life easier and I have been tracking this since it has been up and running for our business and the accuracy rate is 90%+ which is outstanding”

“Cloud based Cheap Excellent Customer Engagement”

“Cloud based/Navigation within the tool is clean.”

“Ease of use, cloud integration, functionality, cost.”

“Ease of use… Accessibility…”

“Easy access and easy to use”

“On Line Support – ‘Community page’. Swift accurate response back to any issues. The best support system we have experienced with companies used. “

“The expert knowledge provided to us via our account manager.”

“Very easy to use, yet very professional products”

“Very good UI”

“Very responsive support, easy to create graphs to visualize some types of data.”

“Very user friendly and intuitive design.”

“Very user friendly.”

How could the product be improved?

“An easier view for daily, weekly and monthly reports.”

“Annual Leave Year parameters”

“As a planner, make it available to use and administer on multiple platforms, not just IE.”

“Appreciate there is a lot to work on in the background, but this would be an incredible plus point for me.”

“Auto forecasting should enable and show the forecast vs actual, at the moment it does do provide this information. Also, as the forecast is continually changing/adapting we should get a notification if it goes out of a tolerance of say 3% either side”

“Better reporting options for Excel, especially on the Adherence side.”

“Continue to develop the product as they are doing”

“Further development in reporting”

“I don’t see any way they can be improved”

“Improve on reporting.”

“Managers of large and many teams cannot filter out well teams they would like to see.”

“More options.”

“Report format should be available as a plain CSV – reports as they currently are impossible to work with or require tons of manual manipulation. Create what-if capability, so workforce analysts can do analysis. Allow access to raw data so that it can be vetted. Add forecast service level. Allow schedule publishing to be done in groups or individuals instead of requiring it be done for an entire planning unit. Add automation of tasks. Stop charging per user for termed users (you are supposed to delete termed user accounts to stop being charged per head, but doing so deletes all their historical data. Good luck with your attrition reporting with that piece missing!)”

“Scenario Management – the ability to create scenarios to understand the impact along with the ability to input off phone activities in a more user friendly way.”

“Separate each time off bank as oppose to one big pull for vacation, PTO and sick time.”

“View productivity”

“Wider support for multiple browsers for the planners”

9. Noble Systems

Product Name: Noble Enterprise Contact Centre Solution

Brief overview of product: The Noble Enterprise Contact Centre Solution is tailored to meet each client’s unique business needs. Noble offers a unified suite of inbound, outbound and blended omnichannel communications, strategy planning and resource management tools for companies of all sizes, from enterprise organisations to small and mid-sized businesses. Our Premise, Cloud and innovative premise/cloud hybrid platforms include ACD, predictive dialling, blended omnichannel processing, compliance, recording and monitoring, IVR, messaging, interaction analytics, campaign strategy and decisioning, compliance, workforce management and gamification.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

Noble Systems’ enterprise-class, state-of-the-art technology solution offers the best value and most features to deliver high-performance contact centre management applications. Our flexible environment allows us to tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of each individual client. This translates to delivering a contact centre suite that works within the scope of your business, rather than making you change your business to work with our product. Noble offers immediate return on investment with measurable results. By integrating with existing systems for a seamless solution without requiring an investment in time and money to rebuild processes or transfer data, our clients enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and reduced costs in a very short time frame. Some of the key differentiators between Noble Systems and our competitors include:

  • Offering a Single, Unified Platform and Long-Term Stability – Our founder is still our CEO and Noble Systems has not undergone changes of ownership. Our components for inbound and outbound management, digital recording, universal queue, IVR, text-to-speech, WFM and analytics are integrated to work in a single, unified platform. Noble provides the most complete and robust contact centre portfolio of solutions designed to continuously measure, improve and align operational performance with the customer experience to increase customer loyalty and reduce cost of operations. Noble Systems is the #1 market leader for outbound technology for the past six years (Frost & Sullivan – 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013).
  • Delivering Flexible Platforms Tailored to Client Needs – Noble Systems has developed our solution so that our clients may use our product as a turn-key solution or as a point solution to integrate into their existing enterprise systems. We offer a variety of deployment options, including local and distributed environments, as well as single-code Premise, Cloud and Hybrid platforms, so that users don’t sacrifice features or performance regardless of which model they choose. The open design of our solutions allows integration with external applications to improve efficiencies and deliver a unified environment. With our ‘building block’ approach and scalability, companies can right-size their Noble platforms to fit their needs and to support their growth. We deliver on our promise and as a result have been growing from positive word of mouth for three decades.
  • Our Unique Offerings for the Premise and Cloud Markets – Noble offers both premise and cloud solutions designed to support mission critical requirements for today’s contact centres, including PCI-Ready, compliant platforms. Our cloud solutions are built upon the same platforms as our premise solutions, and offer the same high-performance features, not a limited functionality set. Our innovative premise/cloud hybrid model uses ‘elastic capacity’ to support temporary expansion of agent seats or messaging campaigns, and provides flexible options for disaster recovery. And, we offer an easy migration strategy to convert from cloud to premise, or premise to cloud, as your needs change.
  • Future-Proofed Technology – Noble protects our clients’ technology investments through a robust Intellectual Property program, targeted at securing our products for the future. Our in-house IP team works closely with employees to identify inventions and unique solutions, and contributing team members are recognised when a new patent is issued. This culture of innovation gives our clients the advantage of knowing that the technologies they rely on for their daily operations management are protected, and they benefit from the new features and applications that become available through these efforts. Today, our IP Portfolio has more than 175 patents, and is continually growing.
  • Software Upgrades at No Charge – Noble Systems includes software upgrades at no additional cost as part of our standard maintenance fees.
  • Providing Top-Quality Client Support – No product stands alone, and support is a critical requirement for mission critical enterprise applications like a call centre solution. The Noble CARE support team is based in Manchester, in the same building as our training, engineering, sales and service organisation. Our clients have access to a team with over 500 man-years of experience in the call centre business, as well as in Noble products – rather than sourcing our support to outside groups who are required to learn and understand multiple products built by different development organisations.
  • Superior Client Relationships. Our commitment to client relationships has allowed us to grow our business largely through word-of-mouth and referrals. In our early years, user referrals generated almost 100% of our business, and they remain an integral part of our new business acquisition. We succeed through the success of our clients. Our SNUG, COFFee and SNAP programs promote client interaction with our users around the world.

Noble delivers powerful solutions that help our clients improve performance and increase efficiencies. For example, Noble client Dollar UK has enjoyed the following KPI improvements since implementing the Noble Cloud Enterprise solution:

  • Inbound abandonment rates have decreased by over 63%
  • Agent wrap time has decreased by over 30%
  • Average call wait times have decreased almost 30%

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: In the UK, Noble solutions are used by approximately 200 contact centres, with over 10,000 agents.

Typical customers: The following companies are examples of companies that use Noble Systems’ solutions in the UK:

  • Vitality Healthcare
  • Secure Trust Bank
  • Paragon Bank
  • Permanent tsb Bank
  • The Carphone Warehouse Ltd
  • Cabot Financial

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Noble’s contact centre solutions are priced on a concurrent user basis. Noble Enterprise Premise Solution starts from £150,000 for a 100 seat solution. Noble Enterprise Cloud Solution starts from £80,000 per annum for a 100 seat solution.

What our readers liked best:

“As per what the industry demands”

“Close to open source means if you’re willing to put the time in to develop it the ROI can be massive”

“Customer Support.”

“Easiness and can be configured for each business needs”

“Easy to use and completely customizable.”

“Easy to use, highly customisable. Full view of all elements.”

“Extensive proprietary product offering.”

“Flexibility and ease of use”

“The level of customisability and interaction between all of their systems means that a full contact centre system can be built using their products.”

“Very customer facing product and easy to use, which in turn makes training of the product to other colleagues an easy process.

How could the product be improved?

“By updating the software as per the customer requirement.”

“IVR manager tool whilst highly useable does now look a little dated.”

“Less of the online training”

“More flexibility at an individual level rather than a lot of settings that still remain global.”

“None that I see”

“Should focus more on affordable cloud-based technologies”

“Small user enhancements such as shortcuts, and the general UI in some of the applications.”

“Updates/bug fixes are released as full upgrades rather than patches – meaning you have to upgrade very regularly to keep on top of issues identified”

10. Genesys

Product Name: The Genesys Customer Experience Platform

Brief overview of product: The Genesys Customer Experience platform combines orchestration and journey management to provide omni-channel contact centre best practices for great customer experience with compelling business outcomes. It integrates channels, context and the ability to optimise an organisation’s workforce and processes. With an Omni-channel Customer Experience Centre solution, a company can deliver consistent and hyper-personalized customer experiences across all channels, touchpoints and journeys.

The Genesys Customer Experience platform consists of three offers:


Launched globally in 2015, PureCloud is a unified, all-in-one customer engagement and business communications solution that is easy to use and quick to deploy. A true cloud offering based on microservices architecture, PureCloud is flexible, open, feature-rich, and built for rapid innovation, providing organisations with a future-proof solution for quickly scaling to meet customer growth.

Genesys PureConnect

PureConnect is a proven, all-in-one omni-channel engagement offering that is rapid to deploy, simple to administer, flexible and easily tailored to meet specific needs within the commercial and mid-market segments. Available both on-premises and in the cloud, PureConnect can help customers make the transition to the cloud with a seamless process that uses the same software for familiarity and ease. This offers organisations the option to move, blend and grow as they need.

Genesys PureEngage

PureEngage is a true omni-channel customer engagement suite for global businesses to deliver competitively superior experiences — providing real-time contextual journeys, world-class orchestrated routing, and digital transformation at any scale.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

Genesys has been a leader in the contact centre market for nearly thirty years. In 2018, multiple leading third-party analysts recognized Genesys for our industry-leading contact centre and customer experience solutions. Recent accolades include leadership positions in the following research reports:

  • The Forrester Wave: Cloud Contact Centers, Q3 2018
  • Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre Infrastructure, Worldwide
  • The Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multichannel Cloud Contact Centre Solution

The value we provide our more than 11,000 customers worldwide is evident across organisations and industries of all types and sizes. We are proven in diverse industries including banking, insurance, telecommunications, finance, retail, government, travel and hospitality. We offer cloud and on-premises solutions for businesses of all sizes and sophistication stages all over the world – across small to mid and enterprise level. We power more than 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year.

Companies choose us for a number of reasons, including our:

  • Innovation – Genesys has a long history of innovation and leadership in the customer experience and customer engagement market as demonstrated by recognition by industry analysts, including Gartner and Forrester. In addition, the company has over 1,000 patents.
  • Stability – Genesys is a leading software company: we have experienced substantial growth in recent years as an independent company, with 40+ percent growth attributable to organic progress and through acquisitions.
  • Breadth (and depth) – Our deep capabilities extend to customer engagement, employee engagement and business optimization, and we are the only company that provides purpose-built solutions to all segments of the market, small and large, simple to complex, cloud and on-premises, anywhere in the world.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: We have more than 11,000 customers worldwide. Hundreds are UK contact centres.

Typical customers: Genesys counts businesses of all sizes and sophistication stages all over the world – across small to mid and enterprise level – as customers. A few examples include:

  • DWP
  • Saga
  • Heineken Mexico
  • Westpac
  • Company Nurse
  • Quicken

More customer success stories can be found here.

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Our pricing is dependent on the offering chosen. As an example, pricing for the PureCloud offering is published online. Pricing for other offerings ranges dependent on a variety of factors including the needs of the customer.

What our readers liked best:

“Ability to integrate with CRM platform, and reporting capabilities”

“All in one platform, omnichannel and full customer experience platform”

“Ease of use and integration.”

“Easy to use and access”


“Flexibility, ability to integration with other environments”

“Great interface and easy to use”

“Interactive, colourful”

“It’s simplicity”

“Smart and powerful routing tool, Customers experience, improved in both cases . Churn Reduction and CSAT also.”

“The software and integration”

How could the product be improved?

“Focus more on pureconnect”

“In the cloud platform”

“It could be improved simplifying the implementation and upgrade processes.”

“Make it more fast”

“More analytics.”

“More data and interactive options in reporting and graph options”

“More pictures of people and less writing”

“Not as of this moment. Everything is seamless.”

“Provide user tutorials for non-contact centre staff with on line help and glossaries”

“Speed up new developing and add-ins

Congratulations to all of the winners, and many thanks to everyone who took part in the voting.

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    Can anyone tell me which is the best software used by the housing call centres in the UK. Like housing software to locating addresses and details of customers etc


    nancy 9 Sep at 14:32
  • Good information. There are lot of small players in Europe who provide the contact centre solution and are specific to geography. They are very good in customizing to needs of that geography and language etc (as named by others). When you look at international market there are few players (as specified in Gartner and other leading research organisations) who are rated in leader segment. some are Cisco, Genesys, Aspect, Avaya, Interactive Intelligence etc. All of these are good wrt technology and feature they support.(more or less same) the major differentiator would be flexibility in terms of working with existing infrastructure and multi vendor environment.

    Ashoka 17 Sep at 06:10
  • Take a look at Smartdesk Systems. We use their software to make sure we don’t ever miss a call that we have promised to a customer. We also use their outbound IVR solution. They do other stuff that we don’t use but maybe interesting to others. We chose them because their stuff works and it is priced incredibly cheaply. This info may help Parveen above. I most definitely agree with Ashokas comments as well. Look beyond the big boys in the market and you’ll be surprised what you find.

    Samuel Antiero 2 Nov at 10:44
  • Interesting list. How about a list based on best Call Centre software support? Not really a suprise though except maybe categorize according to size. The most expensive software is not always the best for smaller Call Centres

    Stefan 4 Nov at 14:14
  • Um, interesting selection of products, Genesys and Aspect are ok if you have 500 seats and above, Avaya CMS great but with Contact centres they have lost there way. I use Callmedia as a contact centre after a review of the market that seamed the best for my 100 seats contact centre

    Steve 17 May at 14:15
  • hi, someone is trying to sell to me a contact centre called stratasoft, anyone heard about it? or can anyone provide me professional & cost effective call centres with local representatives in West Africa. Thanks

    Abby 27 May at 14:54
  • we want second hand computers crm & software for our callcenter

    bhushan punamiya 28 May at 07:54
  • what about solidus ecare 7.0 or cisco. there are quite popular

    enis 3 Jun at 04:13
  • I have just been introduced to iTMS. Very impressive software

    jigsaw 10 Jun at 13:42
  • Hi, anyone heard about InConcert call center solutions? It’s based on asterisk. thanks in advance for your help.

    Oscar Velasco 24 Jun at 16:34
  • Does anyone have experience with Cisco? We have a large call center and are looking at their enterprise software solution.

    atlantayankee 9 Jul at 01:39
  • I use a company called orbtalk to supply my SIP trunks with cisco call manager. Call quality is good and the helped me through the set up procedure.

    Adam 3 Aug at 10:26
  • All these people are out of there mind or at least have crazy money to spend. Look for a local crm based system for maybe 10e a month per user and an asterisk based system that comes with call recording and everything as standard.

    Rickie 4 Aug at 16:27
  • also do not go crazy with WFM software go hosted again. Why spend 100k a year for 100 seater when you can spend 500euro (edf use it) both built on erlang c anyway!

    Rickie 4 Aug at 16:31
  • Hi there,
    found this quite an interesting read. I would like to know though that my manager is considering purchasing GMT plant WFM to upgrade our CC. Is this a viable product or are there better performing and more viable options? The CC I am in is a 24/7/365 inbound environment with a staff of 150. If anybody could advise me so that I could put this through to my boss before making the wrong decision

    Jane 25 Aug at 12:25
  • Does anybody have any comments specifically on the annual leave management features, or timesheets, in these systems?

    We’re working with a call centre at the moment to provide these functions because their existing software doesn’t have proper hr support.


    Laura Tate 30 Sep at 20:12
  • Hello,
    Does anybody have experience on Voxtron application ‘agenTel’?

    Efthimis 13 Dec at 21:04
  • Can I get a comparison chart featuring these softwares?

    Atlas 7 Jan at 23:43
  • Good morning,
    I would like to know the main advantages of SAP BCM than a standard CTI (for exampel Genesis).
    Integrating SAP BCM with SAP CRM provides adavantages in terms of costs (total costs of ownership). Anyway I would like to know if there are further functional advantages.

    Thanks in advance

    Luca 20 Jun at 08:43
  • There is a lot of good call centre software out in the market. We are invited to a large number of product vendor briefings.Call Monitoring,Call Recording Software are the most widely used all over the world.

    Beth Snaper 14 Jul at 18:48
  • The Customer Service Standard Edition of “Avaya Dialer” Costs $ 242,000 for 100 agent call center, which is really very costly for new starters. I am planning to start a 50 agents call center with “My Sales Dialer”. Because its really cost effective and productive dialer. also they are the first to bring mobility in call centers. I don’t know why “My Power Dialer” is not listed here.

    Christopher M 28 Sep at 19:36
  • Why don’t you list Cisco? The validity of your report is questionable since you’re excluding the leader in IP communications.

    John Chambers 18 Oct at 16:37
  • Hi John

    Cisco are listed in the latest version that we have just published:

    Thanks – Jo

    jorobinson 18 Oct at 17:01
  • It would be interesting to see the ratings for 2012. Is there going to be a release of top 10 Call Centre Software companies for 2012?

    Neil 12 Mar at 07:18
  • Does anyone have experience with Cisco? We have a large call center and are looking at their enterprise software solution.

    Marius Anton 26 Mar at 14:18
  • I really recommend to look at the light and modern solutions like LeadDesk. We were a bit uncertain to go for SaaS first but LeadDesk has worked in an excellent way. And cost is just a fraction from Cisco and Avaya, I have worked with them, too.


    David, Germany 17 Apr at 23:16
  • Its amazing!!!
    Here in Israel you can get an – asterisk based – 100 agents solution for less then 50,000 £
    Come out and play.

    yosi 13 Jun at 17:01
  • Wow!

    Call-centres just leak money. Either I need to re-evaluate my real worth or the industry needs to do their due diligence before forking over money to these sharks.

    And Yosi ? £50,000 for 100 agent solution ?

    If that sounds like a good deal to the managers and directors reading this then the call centre industry is royally screwed. So much more money than sense.

    I think I better re-brand, modularise and encumber my bespoke solutions quickly and get their bloated mass to market before natural selection does to contact centres what it did to the dinosaurs.



    Gary 30 Jun at 10:33
  • New to telesales and have just taken over small outbound team have chance to change CRM system. Currently telephone system not linked in anyway to existing CRM. If i get new crm system what can the combined systems do . . .what are the benfits of combining the two systems?

    Andy 15 Jul at 01:20
  • What software of application fits best a very small call centre (from 1 to 10 agents)?
    thank you.

    Philippe 20 Aug at 10:02
  • Our agency used used Telstar Hosted for just over a year; (I have had experience with a number of premise and hosted solutions over the past 17+ years – Telescript, EIS, I3, Noble); here are my two-cents for Telstar (I have no connection to Telstar):

    Pro’s: inexpensive, fast implementation, very good software and intuitive interface (very easy to manage data, campaigns), very impressive data and campaign management tools (customisable status retries), good support – do not need an IT team to manage.

    Con’s: occasional voice-quality issues (over VoIP), network reliability issues (intermittent down-time).

    I do have to say, Telstar was in the process up upgrading their infrastructure which contributed to our issues with downtime and voice quality. Overall, I would rate them quite high in quality of service and value.

    Hope this helps, Mark

    Would love to hear feedback on Aspects On Demand platform (for smaller call centers).

    Mark 10 Nov at 19:07
  • We are very happy with Avaya and track our metrics with PureShare Dashboards. Works great!

    Scott M. 15 Apr at 15:59
  • Is there a Software which provides subtitles for the Recorded voice logs ?

    Ram 14 Aug at 14:14
  • Thanks for posting! As for marketing automation, I really like GetResponse’s features.

    Evan 19 Jun at 11:34