The Top 10 Call Centre Software


There is a lot of good call centre software out in the market.  So here is a link to our most recent Top 10 Contact Centre Technology 2014 article.  

Stay tuned – We will announce the results on our Top 10 Contact Centre software 2016 shortly

The Top Contact Centre Technology 2014

  1. mplsystems – Product Name: intelligentContact
  2. LiveOps – Product Name: LiveOps Engage
  3. Jabra – Product Name: Jabra BIZ 2400 corded headset
  4. injixo – Product Name: injixo
  5. Bright UK – Product Name: Bright Navigator
  6. NICE Systems – Product Name: NICE Real Time Authentication
  7. Plantronics – Product Name: Plantronics SAVI 700 Series Wireless Headset System
  8. Genesys – Product Name: Genesys Digital Customer Service
  9. eg solutions plc- Product Name: eg operational intelligence software suite
  10. NewVoiceMedia – Product Name: ContactWorld for Service

Our Top Contact Centre Technology survey is conducted every 2 years, the most recent in 2014

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  1. Avaya is the Best among all.

    Swarn 6 Nov at 8:26 am
  2. has anyone heard of ‘Touchstar’ – if so what do you think?

    Farah 6 Nov at 4:39 pm
  3. What about magnetic north! anyone using that in england?

    Ben 6 Nov at 5:16 pm
  4. ciboodle is a great product for any call centre. It is very scalable and extremely customisable.

    scott 14 Nov at 9:54 pm
  5. Hi
    anyone know about the new outbound call centre where
    1. customer recieves a call
    2. An automated message is played to vustomer
    3. customer is given an option to speak to an advisor
    4. if customer want he can speak to advisor his choice, if not just hang up
    if anyone know about the name of this software or any possible information please let me know
    it will be much appreciated

    parveen 29 Nov at 3:48 am
  6. Iam using TouchStar Call Centre Software for my Predictive Dialling, power dialling and Inbound calls. It is good software to use. And the Support is really good

    Mohammad 3 Mar at 11:43 am
  7. I absolutley agree with Bob’s comment above – I know a lot of people running this in their Call Centre environment who are very pleased with the flexibility and service provided by CallScripter. Unlike a lot of other software applications, it is also not overpriced!

    Fred 24 Apr at 10:52 am
  8. I’ve implemented Avaya contact centres and used Magic North, but has anyone any experiences with SAP BCM?

    Paul 2 Jun at 12:42 am
  9. SAP BCM is very good when implemented alongside other SAP Products, since it integrates straight out of the box.

    Ben 26 Jul at 4:15 pm
  10. Hey have any body used vmukti software dialer they are claming about the real time report with hosted version as well as intgrated training solution.they are saying it is opensource as well . please let me know if somebody has used this ?

    John 5 Aug at 12:39 pm
  11. Hi

    Can anyone tell me which is the best software used by the housing call centres in the UK. Like housing software to locating addresses and details of customers etc


    nancy 9 Sep at 2:32 pm
  12. Good information. There are lot of small players in Europe who provide the contact centre solution and are specific to geography. They are very good in customizing to needs of that geography and language etc (as named by others). When you look at international market there are few players (as specified in Gartner and other leading research organisations) who are rated in leader segment. some are Cisco, Genesys, Aspect, Avaya, Interactive Intelligence etc. All of these are good wrt technology and feature they support.(more or less same) the major differentiator would be flexibility in terms of working with existing infrastructure and multi vendor environment.

    Ashoka 17 Sep at 6:10 am
  13. Take a look at Smartdesk Systems. We use their software to make sure we don’t ever miss a call that we have promised to a customer. We also use their outbound IVR solution. They do other stuff that we don’t use but maybe interesting to others. We chose them because their stuff works and it is priced incredibly cheaply. This info may help Parveen above. I most definitely agree with Ashokas comments as well. Look beyond the big boys in the market and you’ll be surprised what you find.

    Samuel Antiero 2 Nov at 10:44 am
  14. Interesting list. How about a list based on best Call Centre software support? Not really a suprise though except maybe categorize according to size. The most expensive software is not always the best for smaller Call Centres

    Stefan 4 Nov at 2:14 pm
  15. Um, interesting selection of products, Genesys and Aspect are ok if you have 500 seats and above, Avaya CMS great but with Contact centres they have lost there way. I use Callmedia as a contact centre after a review of the market that seamed the best for my 100 seats contact centre

    Steve 17 May at 2:15 pm
  16. hi, someone is trying to sell to me a contact centre called stratasoft, anyone heard about it? or can anyone provide me professional & cost effective call centres with local representatives in West Africa. Thanks

    Abby 27 May at 2:54 pm
  17. we want second hand computers crm & software for our callcenter

    bhushan punamiya 28 May at 7:54 am
  18. what about solidus ecare 7.0 or cisco. there are quite popular

    enis 3 Jun at 4:13 am
  19. I have just been introduced to iTMS. Very impressive software

    jigsaw 10 Jun at 1:42 pm
  20. Hi, anyone heard about InConcert call center solutions? It’s based on asterisk. thanks in advance for your help.

    Oscar Velasco 24 Jun at 4:34 pm
  21. Does anyone have experience with Cisco? We have a large call center and are looking at their enterprise software solution.

    atlantayankee 9 Jul at 1:39 am
  22. I use a company called orbtalk to supply my SIP trunks with cisco call manager. Call quality is good and the helped me through the set up procedure.

    Adam 3 Aug at 10:26 am
  23. All these people are out of there mind or at least have crazy money to spend. Look for a local crm based system for maybe 10e a month per user and an asterisk based system that comes with call recording and everything as standard.

    Rickie 4 Aug at 4:27 pm
  24. also do not go crazy with WFM software go hosted again. Why spend 100k a year for 100 seater when you can spend 500euro (edf use it) both built on erlang c anyway!

    Rickie 4 Aug at 4:31 pm
  25. Hi there,
    found this quite an interesting read. I would like to know though that my manager is considering purchasing GMT plant WFM to upgrade our CC. Is this a viable product or are there better performing and more viable options? The CC I am in is a 24/7/365 inbound environment with a staff of 150. If anybody could advise me so that I could put this through to my boss before making the wrong decision

    Jane 25 Aug at 12:25 pm
  26. Does anybody have any comments specifically on the annual leave management features, or timesheets, in these systems?

    We’re working with a call centre at the moment to provide these functions because their existing software doesn’t have proper hr support.


    Laura Tate 30 Sep at 8:12 pm
  27. Hello,
    Does anybody have experience on Voxtron application ‘agenTel’?

    Efthimis 13 Dec at 9:04 pm
  28. Can I get a comparison chart featuring these softwares?

    Atlas 7 Jan at 11:43 pm
  29. Good morning,
    I would like to know the main advantages of SAP BCM than a standard CTI (for exampel Genesis).
    Integrating SAP BCM with SAP CRM provides adavantages in terms of costs (total costs of ownership). Anyway I would like to know if there are further functional advantages.

    Thanks in advance

    Luca 20 Jun at 8:43 am
  30. There is a lot of good call centre software out in the market. We are invited to a large number of product vendor briefings.Call Monitoring,Call Recording Software are the most widely used all over the world.

    Beth Snaper 14 Jul at 6:48 pm
  31. The Customer Service Standard Edition of “Avaya Dialer” Costs $ 242,000 for 100 agent call center, which is really very costly for new starters. I am planning to start a 50 agents call center with “My Sales Dialer”. Because its really cost effective and productive dialer. also they are the first to bring mobility in call centers. I don’t know why “My Power Dialer” is not listed here.

    Christopher M 28 Sep at 7:36 pm
  32. Why don’t you list Cisco? The validity of your report is questionable since you’re excluding the leader in IP communications.

    John Chambers 18 Oct at 4:37 pm
  33. Hi John

    Cisco are listed in the latest version that we have just published:

    Thanks – Jo

    jorobinson 18 Oct at 5:01 pm
  34. It would be interesting to see the ratings for 2012. Is there going to be a release of top 10 Call Centre Software companies for 2012?

    Neil 12 Mar at 7:18 am
  35. Does anyone have experience with Cisco? We have a large call center and are looking at their enterprise software solution.

    Marius Anton 26 Mar at 2:18 pm
  36. I really recommend to look at the light and modern solutions like LeadDesk. We were a bit uncertain to go for SaaS first but LeadDesk has worked in an excellent way. And cost is just a fraction from Cisco and Avaya, I have worked with them, too.


    David, Germany 17 Apr at 11:16 pm
  37. Its amazing!!!
    Here in Israel you can get an – asterisk based – 100 agents solution for less then 50,000 £
    Come out and play.

    yosi 13 Jun at 5:01 pm
  38. Wow!

    Call-centres just leak money. Either I need to re-evaluate my real worth or the industry needs to do their due diligence before forking over money to these sharks.

    And Yosi ? £50,000 for 100 agent solution ?

    If that sounds like a good deal to the managers and directors reading this then the call centre industry is royally screwed. So much more money than sense.

    I think I better re-brand, modularise and encumber my bespoke solutions quickly and get their bloated mass to market before natural selection does to contact centres what it did to the dinosaurs.



    Gary 30 Jun at 10:33 am
  39. New to telesales and have just taken over small outbound team have chance to change CRM system. Currently telephone system not linked in anyway to existing CRM. If i get new crm system what can the combined systems do . . .what are the benfits of combining the two systems?

    Andy 15 Jul at 1:20 am
  40. What software of application fits best a very small call centre (from 1 to 10 agents)?
    thank you.

    Philippe 20 Aug at 10:02 am
  41. Our agency used used Telstar Hosted for just over a year; (I have had experience with a number of premise and hosted solutions over the past 17+ years – Telescript, EIS, I3, Noble); here are my two-cents for Telstar (I have no connection to Telstar):

    Pro’s: inexpensive, fast implementation, very good software and intuitive interface (very easy to manage data, campaigns), very impressive data and campaign management tools (customisable status retries), good support – do not need an IT team to manage.

    Con’s: occasional voice-quality issues (over VoIP), network reliability issues (intermittent down-time).

    I do have to say, Telstar was in the process up upgrading their infrastructure which contributed to our issues with downtime and voice quality. Overall, I would rate them quite high in quality of service and value.

    Hope this helps, Mark

    Would love to hear feedback on Aspects On Demand platform (for smaller call centers).

    Mark 10 Nov at 7:07 pm
  42. We are very happy with Avaya and track our metrics with PureShare Dashboards. Works great!

    Scott M. 15 Apr at 3:59 pm
  43. Is there a Software which provides subtitles for the Recorded voice logs ?

    Ram 14 Aug at 2:14 pm
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