Case Study: Webhelp Nordic Drives International Growth


Business process outsourcer Webhelp Nordic has implemented a number of NICE inContact solutions into their contact centres.

The company did this with the aim of driving growth by trying to meet the following goals:

  • Greater visibility into key KPIs
  • Reduced maintenance and upgrade costs
  • Satisfying customers’ expectations for multichannel support
  • Realising economies of scale

Webhelp Nordic were able to achieve these results, so let’s see what they did.

About Webhelp Nordic

As a global business process outsourcer (BPO), Webhelp Nordic services five countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Latvia.

Per Valik, CIO/CTO of the company, explains, “Webhelp Nordic has about 30 clients for whom we handle customer service, including leading global brands in the retail, streaming media and insurance industries. We are also one of NICE inContact’s most successful partners in EMEA.”

With NICE inContact CXone, Webhelp Nordic can deliver an outstanding customer experience including offering support in four different languages, supporting multichannel options such as social media and chat, and tracking success using key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Challenge

Before NICE inContact, however, Webhelp Nordic used an on-premise solution that was very complex, heavily customised, and difficult to upgrade.

“We had nine different instances of the on-premise system, which made it very difficult to maintain. Rather than making an enormous investment to upgrade it, we decided to switch to a cloud solution. We evaluated different vendors and chose NICE inContact CXone,” says Per.

The Solution

Webhelp Nordic’s team of 1,000 agents on NICE inContact offers support in four languages, so they needed a cloud platform that supported both multiskill and multiple languages. They also required multichannel functionality.

“The Nordic countries are early adopters,” explains Per. “Our customers want as many channels as possible such as social media, online chat, and SMS. That was part of the reason we chose NICE inContact CXone, and why we left our old, on-premise solution.”

“We needed a solution like NICE inContact to satisfy our customers’ high expectations for multichannel support.”

The Results

Webhelp Nordic saw a number of great results after deploying NICE inContact solutions. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Boosted Efficiency by Routing All Contacts Through CXone

“In fact, a new client in Norway demanded that all their support channels be routed using one platform. Without NICE inContact, I don’t think we would have won that deal,” continues Per.

“It’s been a huge bonus for us, because we route every customer contact through CXone Omnichannel Routing. We’ve also been able to reduce the number of agents needed to support the customer.”

Standardised Reporting and Gamification

As an outsourcer, Webhelp Nordic measures everything in detail to understand what’s working and where improvements are required. For over 15 years, they struggled to implement standardised reporting across all their assignments.

Per explains: “As a BPO, we can have 30 different assignments across four countries. If we let each location calculate its own metrics, they’ll all be different.”

“With inView Performance Management, part of CXone Analytics, all the data flows into the same framework so it’s standardised and easy to analyse across all our locations.”

“We also utilise inView for all reporting and agent gamification,” he continues. “It’s a big productivity shifter, because we use it to focus our agents on the right key performance indicators (KPIs).”

“Also, if an agent doesn’t achieve a particular KPI, their manager knows exactly how to coach them.”

Global Support

Since CXone is a cloud-based platform, Webhelp can easily implement it anywhere in the world.

“We have clients in Sweden that have their own customers in Bulgaria, Romania, and many other countries. With CXone, it doesn’t matter where our clients, or their customers, are located,” says Per.

“CXone makes it possible for us to offer a contact centre solution that covers the entire globe. We can also offer additional services like international phone numbers and locally based professional services.”

“In fact, we have now moved 1,000 agents off Genesys to NICE inContact, because the advantages are so great to having everyone on the same CXone platform. All of our agents are now 100% on NICE inContact.”

Positive Impacts on Business Outcomes

Per says that one of his favourite things about NICE inContact is feeling like they’re part of a family.

“We feel like we belong, which is fantastic. NICE inContact has had a tremendous impact on our business, including helping us realise the cloud’s efficiencies, delivering a positive customer experience across the Nordic region, and realising economies of scale as we grow our organisation,” concludes Per.

This post has been re-published by kind permission of NICE inContact – View the original post

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 18th Jul 2018
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