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Calabrio has announced that Cazoo, the UK online car retailer, is utilizing its workforce management (WFM) solution to automate the planning of the company’s rapidly expanding contact centre workforce. Cazoo’s frontline workforce has over doubled in size since implementing the WFM software.

Calabrio WFM currently supports agents who handle thousands of voice and WhatsApp conversations every month as well as other types of multichannel interactions, including email, SMS and social media.

The new Calabrio solution, which includes seamless integration with Amazon Connect, the cloud-based Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) from Amazon Web Services, was rolled out in 2020. As a result of the new set-up, Cazoo has realized a series of significant benefits.

Among the highlights are tangible time savings, more accurate overtime forecasts, the ability to accommodate fluctuating call patterns effectively and improved management reporting.

Joanne Gilbert-Button, Resource Planning Specialist at Cazoo said, “We have achieved so much over the past year and we couldn’t have done it without Calabrio.

“To ultimately schedule hundreds of people with blended shifts incorporating multiple skills and multiple channels, as well as manage their annual leave and overtime, just doesn’t bear thinking about without Calabrio WFM.

“Going forward, we plan to release the full potential of the solution by integrating it with additional enterprise systems to monitor inbound and outbound trends and resource accordingly.”

Today Cazoo has complete oversight of its busy contact centre operations. Knowing who is available and when guarantees high levels of flexibility and the ‘wiggle room’ necessary to accommodate fluctuating call patterns that are normal in a growing business.

At a glance, resource planners can see which teams need overtime or where people can be reallocated to support other teams.

Olle Düring, Senior Vice President of Sales, International, at Calabrio, said, “Our cloud-based solutions are ideally suited for dynamic and fast-growing businesses like Cazoo.

“They transform workforce scheduling and forecasting while the high levels of visibility and accessibility afforded are perfect for enhancing employee engagement.

“Our technology is also a powerful strategic tool, enabling organizations to truly understand the complexities of their contact centre environment. For example, better insight into headcount is vital intelligence that can be used to support an effective recruitment programme while simultaneously maintaining greater cost control.

“Furthermore, we always work closely with our customers, a collaborative approach that we believe is critical to the success of all technology implementations.”

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Author: Calabrio

Published On: 1st Mar 2022
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