How Do You Calculate Chat Occupancy?

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Chat Occupancy

Hi guys, I was wondering, How do you calculate the occupancy for a chat project?

Question asked by David Rodriguez

Answer for Chat-occupancy

Occupancy is defined as the total amount of work carried out divided by the time available.

If the agent is doing more than one web chat at the same time the occupancy could come out as more than 100%.

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Need Solution to Find Out Chat Occupancy

how can we calculate actual occupancy of agent while handling more than 2 chats at same time.. kindly provide resolution

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The Formula is the Same As for Voice

The formula for occupancy is the same as for voice. The only difference is that you can have an occupancy of more than 100%.

The article How to Calculate Occupancy outlines the calculation for this.

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Occupancy Vs Concurrency

Occupancy is occupancy regardless of how many chats they handle at once. You can add a concurrency measure ( ave # of concurrent chats) and factor it into your occupancy measure.

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Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 21st Apr 2022
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