What is the Formula for Concurrency In Chat Support

Concurrency in Chat
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Formula Required for Concurrency In Chat Support

Anybody can help me out to find out the formula for calculating Concurrency in Chat support?

Question asked by Charles

The Formula for Concurrency In Chat (number of Chats)

This is the formula: (Total chat time + total Wrap up time)/(total engaged time)

Chat time = Time spent on chat per session

Wrap up time = time spent offline wrapping up session

Engaged time = total hours agent is engaged in chat

With thanks to Kris

Answer for Formula Required for Concurrency In Chat Support

Depending on the system you use and the figures it generates for you, you may have to tweak this formula; but this works (and is very similar to Kris Morales’ answer).

Concurrency = Customer AHT/ Agent AHT

Customer AHT = length of time on a chat from the point of view of the customer

Agent AHT = length of time handling the exact chat + time in WRAP.

As you can appreciate, the two times will not be identical because as the agent is awaiting the customer to respond, the agent will service other chats (the timer for the first chat will stop, and the second chat will start – all while the original customers AHT increases whilst we wait for a response).

With thanks to Michael

Answer for Formula Required for Concurrency In Chat Support

Hi Charles, we don’t have a calculation but this article might help with showing other people’s thoughts on “How many webchats should an agent handle at any one time?”

What’s Happening in the World of Webchat?

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Answer for Formula Required for Concurrency In Chat Support

Hi Charles

I’m not sure that I fully understand the question.  I understand the concept of concurrency, (i.e. https://www.callcentrehelper.com/poll-how-many-web-chats-can-an-agent-handle-at-the-same-time-54638.htm ) but I am not sure sort of formula are you looking to calculate?

Are you looking for some link between concurrency and the number of FTE?

With thanks to Jonty

Right Formula for Chat Concurrency

This is how we get the actual concurrency…

Concurrency = Total Chat Time / Login Time

With thanks to Sowkath

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Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 14th Apr 2022
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