Diabolocom Enters UK Market With Omnichannel Cloud Solutions

Diabolocom is entering the UK market having successfully already worked with over 200 companies across 20 countries.

Diabolocom, a cloud contact centre solution provider and telecom operator, is entering the UK market having successfully already worked with over 250 companies across 20 countries.

Headquartered in Paris, France, Diabolocom was founded in 2005 and has since gone from strength to strength, allowing companies to manage customer engagement across all channels. Solutions range across inbound calls, outbound call campaigns, email and social networks, live chat, SMS and service numbers.

As a telecoms operator, hosting company and SaaS solution provider, Diabolocom is uniquely positioned in the market. As such, it is able to provide a full platform, not only SaaS-based solutions, but an entire infrastructure. This ensures that there are no issues with integration and the customer only has one point of contact for the entirety of their product.

Frederic Durand

Frederic Durand

Frederic Durand, CEO and founder at Diabolocom, commented: “Customer experience (CX) is now a key element of many companies’ corporate strategy. There is more pressure than ever to reduce customer churn, increase satisfaction levels and to ensure companies are providing the very best customer experience. This is only likely to increase further over the coming years, and having in place solutions that allow companies to provide excellent customer experience across all channels will become crucial.

“Gartner research from 2016 indicated that 89 percent of marketers thought that customer experience will be their main differentiator. It is clear that good CX is now not just a nice to have, but a crucial element of strategic advantage.

“The UK is a hugely competitive market. These levels of competition mean that securing an advantage and giving customers the best possible experience when dealing with your brand will be more important than ever. We have the experience and technology to help companies achieve this, giving us a huge opportunity in the UK,” concluded Durand.

Adam Samuels

Adam Samuels

“For too long companies have taken customer experience for granted. The perception of contact centres from an end-user perspective in particular is usually very poor,” suggested Adam Samuels, Sales Director, UK and Ireland, Diabolocom.

“However, having the ability to turn this around, provide the very best customer service, often at a time when the customer is stressed or even angry, could make a huge difference to a company’s success.”

“The success Diabolocom has had in other countries points to a real opportunity for us in the UK,” Samuels continued.

“Across tech, retail, leisure, utilities and hospitality and many other sectors we have made a proven difference to the customer experience, and we’re already replicating this success with UK companies,” Samuels concluded.

To find out more about Diabolocom, visit: www.diabolocom.com

Published On: 26th Jan 2018 - Last modified: 7th Feb 2018
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