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2019 autumn survey report
2019 Survey Report: What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now
2018 autumn survey
2018 Survey Report: What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now
Remote Worker Looking at Screen
The Rise of the Remote Contact Centre Workforce
A picture of a business dashboard with the words things to consider
7 Things to Consider When Buying a New Customer Management Tool
A picture of a piggy bank sat on a pile of coins
How to Transform Your Call Centre Into a Sales Centre
A picture of an agent working remotely
Case Study: How Essilor BBGR Switched to Remote Working
A picture of a data of data pattern
Creating a Great Customer Experience by Utilizing Your Data
A picture of somebody making a mistake gesture
One in Every Five Contact Centres Make This Surprising Self-Service Mistake
A picture of a question mark made from speech bubbles
Chatbots or Smart IVRs – Which Is Better for Your Customers?
A photo of a group of people holding their hands in the air
Diabolocom Supports Onepark’s International Growth
A group of young employees taking a selfie
Employees Are Still Key to an Optimal Customer Experience
A photo of someone making a presentation on a wallboard
Making the Most of Your Contact Centre Wallboards
A photo of somebody making a gesture that suggests confusion
The Challenge of Digitalizing Customer Experience in Insurance
5 Strategies to Combat Common Customer Service Complaints
A picture of a businessman holding a phone
Maximizing the Benefits of Voice In Customer Service
A photo of three people joining hands together
Building Human Connections In Contact Centres
3 Reasons Why Brands Still Need Voice in Their Customer Relations
3 Key Uses of Data to Optimise the Performance of the Voice Channel
A photo of Confused young bearded man standing and shrugging shoulders
Does Your Business Need a Chief Experience Officer?
3 Reasons Why Emotion Is the New Frontier in Customer Relations
A picture of a businessman drawing a growing graph to symbolise ROI
Decathlon Pro Sees Quick ROI From Telephony Solution
A photo of three frightened people
3 Things That Should Never Happen in Your Contact Centre
A picture of a silhouette of man shaking hands with his dog
What Is the Secret to Customer Loyalty?
Young caucasian man angry, frustrated and furious with his phone, angry with customer service over pink background.
Two Situations That Customers Hate Over the Phone – and How to Fix Them