eBook Shares Three New Speech Analytics Strategies

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A new Calabrio ebook provides practical speech analytics advice and strategies from three award-winning organizations.

Doing business has never been more unpredictable. Success depends on identifying and analysing trends then quickly developing effective solutions.

Calabrio has recognized three organizations with awards for their innovative use of workforce optimization analytics.

Insights from these analytics-driven contact centres have been captured in a free-to-download ebook to help other businesses support different ways of working in turbulent times.

Case studies from Thomson Reuters and other Calabrio customers putting analytics to work are featured.

The Calabrio ebook gives practical advice on:

  • Remote agent onboarding and training
  • The “art of a meaningful apology” to drive more genuine customer interactions – increasing satisfaction and reducing escalations
  • How giving agents insights into their performance can boost Net Promoter Scores.

In addition to documenting the strategies of three brand leaders, the ebook also links to video case-study presentations from each organization. These videos give further background and insights.

As an example, the ebook explains how Thomson Reuters, a global provider of business information services, wanted to understand the effects that remote agent onboarding and training due to COVID-19 were having on performance.

Using Calabrio Analytics, they identified that new agents had a higher proportion of calls with long and/or multiple hold times. Calabrio Desktop Analytics was then used to drill deeper into how agents handled particular scenarios.

This revealed that new agents:

  • Maintained an average handle time that was significantly above target and
  • Relied upon team members, instead of available knowledge assets, for the assistance they needed to answer customer questions while callers waited on hold.

To resolve the issues, contact centre leaders built a virtual training programme for new recruits. The programme focused on troubleshooting techniques and how to best utilize available resources to efficiently find answers to customer enquiries.

After implementing the programme, Thomson Reuters witnessed a significant increase in new agents’ use of resources.

Agents also applied critical thinking skills to improve answers to customer questions and to speed query resolutions. These measures reduced average call times and the number of holds per call.

Advanced analytics enabled Thomson Reuters to identify, then investigate, issues and also helped create measurable solutions. The organization saw increased customer satisfaction. It also expects the programme to ultimately reduce operating costs.

For more insights, success metrics and inspiration from Thomson Reuters and other Calabrio customers, download the ebook here.

The ebook also includes links to video case-study presentations from the three-award winning organizations profiled.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 15th Feb 2021 - Last modified: 18th Feb 2021
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