Ergonomics takes the lead in headset design

Research has shown that workers favour ergonomics over style when it comes to the design of their headsets.

The Jabra and YouGov survey of 11,906 office workers revealed that 77% of UK workers prioritised great sound, efficiency and comfort over issues of vanity.

The term ergonomics refers to the applied science of equipment design. For example, the way your headset fits over your ears is the result of ergonomic considerations of ear shape and size.

The findings also revealed that non-headset users had the same concerns as current headset users, as:

  • 68% of non-headset users would use one if it fitted comfortably
  • 77% of non-headset users would wear a wireless headset
  • 78% of non-headset users would wear a headset if the sound quality was great

“Headsets have come a long way since they were first adopted for business use,” said Andrew Doyle, Managing Director, Jabra Business Solutions, UK & Ireland. “Our designers are acutely aware that not only style but also comfort and ergonomics are important features in making a headset attractive for our users.”

The use of a headset also increases work efficiency, as the survey showed:

  • 62% of users reported catching more calls after switching to a corded headset
  • 75% of users reported catching more calls after switching to a wireless headset

“We are pleased to hear that our products make our users feel efficient,” said Andrew Doyle, “especially because all of our research shows that headset users are more productive.”

This increased efficiency has resulted in 50% of non-users believing that headsets are no longer just for call centre agents or technicians, but are also practical for all office and mobile workers.

Published On: 4th Sep 2013 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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