Execs In The Know Releases the 2023 CX Leaders Trends & Insights: Consumer Edition Report

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Execs In The Know has announced the release of the 2023 CX Leaders Trends & Insights: Consumer Edition report.

Dedicated to the experiences and opinions of consumers, the report was initially released during Execs In The Know’s signature event, the Customer Response Summit (CRS), which took place in Nashville, TN, September 20-22, 2023.

This research is produced in partnership with VXI, a leading global provider of outsourced customer engagement solutions.

This new 69-page report, the third Consumer Edition report in the CX Leaders series, extends existing data sets in a number of areas critical to the CX industry, including multichannel journeys, self-help solutions, AI-powered solutions, consumer preferences, and many other topics.

As with all Execs In The Know CX research, the report features several Practitioner’s Perspectives – bite-sized analyses and insights from CX leaders of iconic and leading brands. This research provides readers with actionable insights and powerful statistical support for future CX strategies and investments.

This year’s results show several positive and fundamental shifts within the CX industry. Resolution rates are on the rise, consumers are more accepting of newer channels of care (including solutions powered by AI), and many brands are leaning on newer technologies in ways that focus squarely on improving the customer experience.

Evidence shows that consumers are taking notice, providing some of the most positive sentiment results seen in the last several years of consumer-focused research.

“According to results from this year’s CX Leaders Consumer Edition research, the industry appears to be achieving new levels of effectiveness,” said Susan McDaniel, Co-Founder and COO of Execs In The Know.

“Consumers are sending positive signals about the level of care being received, and they are more open to self-help and autonomous solutions, including those powered by artificial intelligence.

According to the results, consumers desire more channel choices, greater access to live agents (when needed), and more emphasis on better-trained, more knowledgeable agents. The brands we speak with understand this and are either poised or repositioning to deliver.”

While the specific data points are wide-ranging across CX topics, a few highlights from this latest research include:

  • Twenty-six percent of respondents feel companies are getting better at providing good customer care, a 15-point improvement year-over-year.
  • Multichannel resolution rates continued their trend of steady improvement, with 86% of respondents indicating their issue was ultimately resolved using a multichannel approach, the highest rate in nine years of data.
  • If issues could be resolved easily and satisfactorily, 60% of consumers would prefer to interact via mobile text/SMS versus 40% who would rather interact via a phone call.
  • Forty-one percent of consumers feel the most effective way for brands to invest in improving the customer care experience is “training for agents and support staff.”

A digital copy of the new 2023 CX Leaders Trends & Insights Consumer Edition is now available for download, and the entire series, including past Consumer and Corporate research, is available on the Execs In The Know website.

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Published On: 29th Sep 2023 - Last modified: 3rd Oct 2023
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