Freshworks Offers Three Months of Its Freshchat Solution for Free

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Freshworks is offering you three months of its Freshchat contact centre solutions for free, along with speedy, expert installation.

Having helped many international businesses move to the cloud during these difficult times, Freshworks wants to do more to support contact centres with remote working and reducing ever-increasing contact volumes.

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Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson, General Manager at Freshworks, says: “With so many contact centres now adopting remote working, we want to help customer support teams handle this big transition by giving them the tools that they need, for free.” 

“Our Freshchat solution helps to reduce demand and solve many of the problems that contact centres will have encountered with homeworking over the last couple of weeks.”

The offering provides a great selection of tools that enable improved homeworking.

However, the main selling point of the Freshchat solution is that it comes with chatbots – enabling brands to provide 24-hour service and reduce contact volumes.

Let’s look at the Freshchat solution in a little more detail below.

Freshchat – What’s Included?

Freshchat is a chat and messaging service that enables organizations to better run their business online. It is particularly great for businesses that are now operating online only and seeing a dramatic increase in web traffic.

Why? Well, Freshchat can help reduce call volumes and manage both inbound and outbound communication.

The messaging software enables businesses to handle multiple conversations at the same time across a number of channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and live chat. This frees up the time for advisors and enables them to focus on more pressing customer issues.

Yet perhaps the greatest function of Freshchat, in terms of reducing customer demand, is that it allows businesses to automate customer communications with AI-powered chatbots.

These bots can assist with precise answers and conversational flows to drive engagement and sales, and transfer calls to a human if needed.

In addition, Freshchat can help businesses in these challenging times by:

  • Managing and delivering outbound notifications to customers
  • Offering co-browsing, so leaders and advisors can access the same web page at the same time, if the advisor needs support
  • Having real-time reporting built in to help analyse and optimize performance

One hidden benefit, which can be a really helpful tool for reducing customer demand, is the ability to send proactive campaigns. These allow contact centres to give customers all the information that they need up-front, so they then don’t have to call in.

Building on this point, Simon advises us to: “Take a step back and look at why your customers are getting in touch with you. Is there failure demand that you can stop with IVR, website and proactive messaging?”

Whether this offer is the one for you or not, Simon’s point here is key for any contact centre looking to reduce demand without harming customer experience.

What Sets This Offer Apart From the Rest?

For Freshworks, enabling homeworking and helping contact centres move to the cloud is something that it has been doing for a long time. The company has always been 100% Software-as-a-Service and has a real pedigree in this area.

Freshchat is not a solution that has been quickly released to play catch-up – it is an established product that has been implemented by a number of high-profile worldwide brands. These include American Express, Honda and Hugo Boss, just to name a few.

Also, while a number of contact centre vendors have come up with special offers over the past few weeks, the sheer volume of great technologies available for free – with no hidden costs – within the Freshchat solution is a clear differentiator.

This is according to Simon, who says: “Customers need you to act with urgency, communicate with transparency, take responsibility and to engage with them through constant updates. We will help you achieve all of this.”

Finally, another benefit is easy integration with lots of different CRM and contact centre systems. This ensures that advisors have all the information they need to best support customers from home.

A BIG Additional Incentive

Alongside the Freshchat offer, Freshworks is also offering its Freshcaller solution for free to businesses.

At the heart of Freshcaller is a cloud telephony system that can be set up in minutes and allows homeworking. But there is much more to the solution than that.

This cloud telephony platform requires no hardware, can be set up in minutes and the Freshworks team will help migrate your operations quickly and efficiently to make the switch to remote working as pain-free as possible.

Once using Freshcaller, customer support and sales teams can set up a remote contact centres and have access to the benefits of cloud telephony, including:

  • Sharing one phone number across multiple users
  • Having the ability to answer calls from any phone, anywhere
  • Multi-level IVR, enabling calls to be easily routed and self-serve options added
  • Real-time dashboard, allowing you to view call queues and agent availability
  • Queue updates, automatically letting callers know their position in the queue and wait times
  • Call recording and monitoring software
  • Advanced call centre reporting

One of the many hidden benefits in here is having the ability to easily adapt the IVR and issue queue updates, to better set customer expectations and prevent angry customers reaching advisors. This in turn helps businesses to better protect the well-being of their advisors.

Well-being is such a key issue right now. The dashboarding and reporting part of this solution is another way to monitor that,” adds Simon.

“But we also have gamification – so you can set up leagues, while creating ‘quests’ and goals – to make work more engaging – and collaboration platforms for advisors, as part of other solutions.”

If you get in touch with Freshdesk regarding the extended free trial for Freshchat, the team will be happy to talk more about how you can add in its gamification and collaboration platforms too.

Where Can You Find Out More?

This offer may be just what you need if you are struggling to deal with high call volumes or to overcome common homeworking problems, like having performance visibility, accessing customer data and ensuring employee well-being.

The Freshworks team would welcome any of your questions regarding this offer and how both of these great solutions can work within your organization.

To find out more about this three month free offer, visit

Published On: 7th May 2020 - Last modified: 12th May 2020
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