Fusion Connect Unveils CCaaS Professional

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Fusion Connect and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), has launched CCaaS Professional, a new Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offering for mid-market and enterprise companies.

CCaaS Professional is designed for businesses that need advanced functionality without the cost or the implementation effort of existing enterprise-class CCaaS platforms.

CCaaS Professional leverages the power of cloud-native technology and integrates with Fusion Connect’s Microsoft Teams Calling Services. These elements speed implementation, enhance company efficiency, and reduce the burden on IT resources.

CCaaS Professional includes the following key highlights:


Advanced functionality that gives organizations the ability to tailor the service with custom dashboards, reporting, and third-party service integrations, like Microsoft Teams, in a simple administrative portal.

Cost Efficient and Easy to Implement and Manage

Organizations get quick time-to-market so they can minimize business disruptions, optimize resources, and maximize ROI. They also benefit from an intuitive platform that’s easy to use — for end users and administrators — and provides the capabilities they need without extra, complicated, and costly features that are rarely used.

Scalable and Future-Proof

Effortlessly adapts to fluctuating contact center demands, ensuring organizations can meet business needs without compromising performance or customer experience. The solution also provides reliable redundancies to ensure uninterrupted service availability and seamless customer interactions even during disruptions or outages.

“Contact center administrators have been forced to manage cumbersome and overpriced platforms for far too long. CCaaS Professional is the cure for those frustrating ailments,” said Jeff Blackey, SVP of Product at Fusion Connect.

“This rightsized but scalable solution fills a void in the CCaaS market by delivering rich features and flexibility at a reasonable cost. With the added benefit of Microsoft Teams integrations, CCaaS Professional becomes even more valuable for companies leveraging the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.”

CCaaS Professional redefines the standard of excellence in contact center solutions. It gives contact center agents an intuitive, user-friendly interface and automation capabilities that enhance productivity and enable them to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

With CCaaS Professional, organizations can elevate customer engagement, simplify operations, and achieve remarkable scalability.

“Fusion Connect CCaaS Professional delivers a multitude of benefits that business leaders should prioritize,” said Robert Arnold, Information and Communications Technology Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan.

“This cloud-native platform excels in seamless integrations that enhance the value of existing and future investments in communication and business technologies.

By reducing the burden of day-to-day tasks on administrators, CCaaS Professional empowers them to focus on optimizing and transforming their organization’s customer service capabilities through modern customer contact functionalities and those third-party integrations.”

Backed by Fusion Connect’s dedication to innovation and commitment to client success, CCaaS Professional paves the way for organizations to streamline their customer interactions, establishing a new era of engagement.

Published On: 13th Jul 2023
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