Genesys Launches BeyondCX eLearning Program

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Genesys has announced BeyondCX, the industry’s first eLearning program for contact centre employees and supervisors that teaches the soft skills necessary for delivering empathetic, personalized experiences in today’s digital world.

Traditionally, contact centre training has focused on technology enablement and product knowledge, optimizing for efficiency, and effectiveness. Yet, in the rush toward digital transformation, experiences have become less human.

This has created an empathy skills gap as consumers want to feel heard, understood, and valued. But many contact centre employees lack the training needed to bridge human and digital interactions.

In recent Genesys surveys, 67% of consumers said they preferred empathetic customer service experiences over speedy resolutions, while only 9% of high-performing agents cited empathy and listening as their greatest strengths.

With BeyondCX, Genesys has transformed traditional training into an interactive learning experience that helps companies address the empathy gap. Formatted like a television show, BeyondCX is a series of episodes that uses high-quality video production, the power of storytelling, and the latest skills-development techniques to immerse participants in the world of customer experience (CX).

Contact centre employees and supervisors will learn how to build trust, show empathy, and tailor the customer experience to transform traditional transactions into fluid, context-based conservations that build customer loyalty.

The first season of BeyondCX is currently available for binge-watching via subscription, with support for additional languages coming later this year.

Enhancing the Employee Experience

In today’s world of remote work, businesses are quickly realizing that a great employee experience is fundamental to delivering an empathetic customer experience, as contact centre employees often are the primary points of interaction with a business.

Engaging and retaining top talent is a priority; companies are rapidly adopting workforce engagement tools to help create a culture where contact centre employees feel valued and supported.

According to a recent Genesys survey, high-performing contact centre employees most enjoy learning new skills and earning recognition. Over the past year, Genesys Cloud CX Workforce Engagement Management has experienced significant momentum.

Since January, Genesys has released 65 new features, including gamification. And, today, nearly 400 customers, including PATLive, Carestream Dental, and Company Nurse, use gamification to tap into intrinsic human motivators like a desire for recognition, competition, or community to drive agent performance, collaboration, and retention.

With Genesys Cloud CX Workforce Engagement Management, businesses can provide today’s digital natives with the resources, skills, and tools they need to thrive, including:

  • Personalized development hub: Give employees single-click access to everything they need to understand and improve their performance, develop in their careers, share feedback and celebrate accomplishments.
  • Gamified performance dashboards: Provide consolidated insights and actionable recommendations to evaluate and improve performance in real-time — all while giving employees a more engaging and motivating experience.
  • Easy onboarding: Allow access to pre-loaded product and experience training within the platform to ensure employees know how to use their customer experience platform from day one.
  • Embedded development modules: Deliver essential information and learning efficiently throughout the employee development journey. Create tailored plans to improve employees’ skills and performance levels. Managers can assign modules manually to individual employees or automatically to teams based on rules.
  • Knowledge assessments: Ensure employees are equipped for success by measuring how well they mastered training and learning content.
  • Coaching: Let managers identify, assign and easily schedule training sessions through a seamless and comprehensive coaching package with AI-enabled scheduling. Strategic coaching sessions help employees improve performance and service quality.

“Today’s workforce is drastically different than it was even three years ago. Businesses are in fierce competition for talent, and contact centres need to double down on their efforts to retain employees,” said Merijn te Booij, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Workforce Engagement Management at Genesys.

“With Genesys BeyondCX and the latest WEM innovations, businesses can create engagement and development experiences employees want and delivered in a familiar way that fosters a sense of community, enjoyment and professional growth.”

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Published On: 23rd Sep 2021
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