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The Source of the Problem?

I’m managing an inbound centre based in India wherein customers calling our customer care number are connected with our executive for assistance.

My problem is the pertaining to call drops contributing to 43% of my overall volume and we’ve not been able to identify the reason for the same.

In our current network layout, we’ve calls landing on multiple GSM Numbers being forwarded to multiple PRI Lines based on the number dialed by the caller. Situation is same for all 3 PRIs at the centre and as per the Network/IT team there exists no network issues. We’ve already consulted with the PRI provider and got the modem replaced in an attempt to address the issue; however, it didn’t help.

Kindly assist in isolating the source of the problem.

Question asked by kabir

Dropped after how Long

dropped after how long (seconds) ?

someone sabotaging your operation ? play a prank and up your aban% ?

With thanks to YN

I don’t think that is the case

Thanks for responding but I don’t think that is the case.

To carry out analysis on volume type, I’ve bifurcated our volume basis call type. 16% of the overall volume was identified as Short Calls (<10 Secs) followed by 15% volume classified as No Response (30 – 35 Secs) and finally the Incomplete Calls with 10% contribution (>60 Secs).

With thanks to kabir

Call into the Number

Suggest you to personally call into the care number. As human nature behaviour if your hotline option are too complicated and too many step & lengthy, people will not have that good patient wait on the line. Some default setting can press “0” skip everything and direct connect to officer.

I believe those 10secs call was included wrong pressing option due to complicated option, 30-35 & 60 secs will be include no patient to keep listening your VM option.

With thanks to Ivan


Hi Ivan, There is no IVR in between the caller and the executive. The caller gets directly connected to our representative based on availability. We’re trending at an SL of 95% with an AL of 98% (excluding the calls abandoned within 10 secs).

43% call drop comes out of calls that were answered.

With thanks to kabir

Calls just Fizzle off

oh wow… you really mean that after 30-35 sec and 60 sec, while talking – the calls just fizzle off ?

can you or the PRI provider put up a ”flight recorder” to check what went wrong ?

With thanks to YN

Unable to Isolate the Reason

Yup that’s what appears to be happening at present and we’re unable to isolate the reason for the same.

I’ll check with my PRI provider if this can be done. Thanks for providing a direction.

With thanks to kabir

Incoming Calls

Logically all incoming call will be call to CareLine then went through PRI distribute the call to Available Executive according to executive phone status as ” Available “. Therefore you should have an system such as ACD to show call waiting, AHT, ABN and SLA etc.

I feel its not make sense if 43% abn rate you still getting 95% of SLA. Are you SLA also counted those internal transfer call volume ?

If like what YN Lee advise, if can be when your PRI reach certain high queue limits which technology unable to support then system clash and auto reboot lead to call just fizzle off ? But normal situation will just look good so your network team do not found out the issues.

Sorry if you feel I’m not understand your situation, I just try to understand and learn coz this new to me.

With thanks to Ivan

Using the Following

We’re currently using Dialer and ACD provided by Ameyo (Drishti) that checks for executive availability and provides real-time performance stats.

Since these calls are being answered and getting disconnected in between the conversation we’re able to meet on SL (Internal Volume transfer is not an option). PRI Utilization can be an issue but we’re not sure as to what checks should be in place to isolate the problem as the PRI Provider claims there appears to be no issue from their end.

I hope I’m able to provide more clarity on our operation mode.

With thanks to kabir

GSM Service Providers

Kabir have you checked with your GSM service providers

With thanks to wasique

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Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 26th Apr 2022
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