The Human-Tech Touch of Tomorrow

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Carolyn Arnold at Contexta360 explains contact centres at the edge and the human-tech touch of tomorrow.

Contact centres at the heart of customer engagement now find themselves at a crossroad. As they adapt to the tidal wave of technological advancements, automated self-service options, and a growing appetite for customer automation, a curious paradox unfolds.

Amid this digital revolution, there is an unexpected upsurge in the demand for live inbound operators – a demand for the human touch.

The 2023 Call Centre Helper’s ‘What Contact Centres are Doing Right Now Survey Report’ highlights this intricate conundrum.

It underscores the notable growth in inbound voice channels, a vital lifeline for customer interactions, rising from 53.5% in 2022 to 55.4% in 2023.

This calls into question the delicate balance between technological advancement and the personal connection that only human interaction can provide.

The Battle Between Automation and the Human Touch.

The report underlines the need to strike an agreeable balance between cutting-edge technology and the warmth of human interaction.

In face the cost-of-living crisis and high inflation rates customers are now looking to their service providers for financial and emotional support.

Leaders navigating the challenge of striking a perfect balance of human and automation have stumbled upon a surprising solution.

Enter Real-Time Call Summarisation – An Unexpected Hero.

RT call summarisation solutions are emerging as an inspiration for busy inbound contact centres. These systems, driven by advanced technology, can listen to customer-agent conversations in real-time.

They smartly transcribe and extract vital information such as customer concerns, action items, and critical elements, subsequently presenting this invaluable information as concise summaries to agents at the end of the call.

The Significance of This Real-Time Call Summarisation Technology Cannot Be Overstated.

By streamlining workflow and potentially saving up to two minutes per call, it acts as a catalyst for greater customer satisfaction and more efficient operations.

Shorter wait times and quicker issue resolution invariably lead to happier customers and a more efficient contact centre.

Wrap-up Time Management – The Unseen Backbone.

In the post-call phase, when agents complete essential tasks like record updates and note-taking, efficient wrap-up time management becomes paramount.

It’s during this crucial period that real-time call summaries come to the fore, ensuring that no vital information slips through the cracks.

The Power of Seamless Integration – A Brighter Future Beckons.

The real game-changer lies in the seamless integration of these technologies into existing contact centre infrastructures.

The advantages speak for themselves:

Zero Downtime

The integration process is smooth, there’s no need to stop contact centre operations, ensuring business continues without a hiccup.

Heightened Productivity

Agents gain immediate access to the power of automated real-time call summaries. This not only lightens the burden on live operators but also enhances their productivity and delivers superior service.

Satisfied Customers

Reduced waiting times and swifter issue resolution lead to satisfied customers. Smaller call queues can only benefit both the customer and the contact centre and customer call resolution.

Efficient Wrap-Up Time Management

Real-time call summaries seamlessly complement wrap-up time management, ensuring a seamless transition from customer interaction to the post-call tasks. It’s akin to having a personal assistant for your agents, optimising their customer service.

As the contact centre industry navigates the unbridled waters of retaining existing staff and backfilling staffing shortages and heightened demand for live inbound operators, this integrated approach emerges as nothing short of a lifesaver.

To adapt to these challenges, contact centres should consider wholeheartedly embracing technology-driven solutions that preserve the delicate balance of service excellence.

Contact centres across the globe are awakening to the immense potential of seamlessly integrated real-time call summarisation for efficient wrap-up time management.

These innovations not only remove call wrap-up pressure on live operators but also ensures that operators can completely connect with the customer, which in turn boosts C-SAT and brand value.

The integration of real-time call summarisation is the gateway to the future for contact centres.

It bridges the gap between technology-driven efficiency and the warm human touch. In an industry where exceptional service is the currency, this integrated approach is the solution to the challenges of our time, securing a future where customer service remains top-quality and contact centres stand fully equipped to meet the evolving demands of today’s consumers.

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Published On: 4th Dec 2023
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