How to Improve Contact Centre Customer Satisfaction

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Infobip discuss how to elevate your customer satisfaction (CSAT) game in the contact centre.

The contact centre experience you provide is a huge factor in how customers perceive your brand and the overall experience you offer.

According to a recent CCW Digital Market Study, reducing customer effort will be the primary focus for contact centres in the next five years – followed by providing consistent support and service across all touchpoints.

So what’s the most effective way to ensure your contact experience supports these objectives and improves those all important customer satisfaction Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – from CSAT to Net Promoter Score (NPS) and surveys?

Here are three fool-proof ways you can increase customer satisfaction survey scores by improving the contact centre customer experience you deliver.

Transform Your Contact Centre Customer Experience

1. Communicate on Your Customers’ Preferred Channels

Today’s customer wants efficient, frictionless service on the channels they’re comfortable using.

In our cloud contact centre best practices guide we outlined why contact centres must capitalize on popular automated conversational channels such as SMS, RCS, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp – for brands to meet customers where they’re already spending time.

The functionalities of these channels are a competitive advantage when used through a cloud-based contact centre platform, such as Conversations.

Using a combination of these channels through a single integrated platform can:

  • Save your customer service agents time
  • Increase the overall productivity of your contact centre
  • Cut contact centre expenses
  • Enhance support speed
  • Improve overall contact centre customer satisfaction

Adapting an omnichannel approach to customer communication also helps your agents switch from one channel to another without losing conversation context or history.

After all, no one likes to repeat information – whether it’s to a customer service agent or a chatbot.

When your contact centre provides customers with more channels (especially ones they already use) to accommodate their personalized needs, inquiries are resolved more efficiently – increasing your contact centre customer satisfaction exponentially.

2. Enable Chatbot to Live Agent Transfers

Only 5% of organizations believe they are successfully using AI for customer interactions, which means the overwhelming majority are not making the most of solutions such as AI chatbots, smart IVRs, and intelligent routing platforms.

This means they’re losing out on the opportunity to create convenient experiences, reduce customer and agent effort, and boost the value of interactions. However, you don’t have to be in that majority.

To provide personalized service, it’s important to have the ability to route customers to agents with specific skills that are best suited to assist their individual needs.

Using chatbots to better understand and respond to customer needs and behaviours, and to route complex problems to live agents, helps drive customer satisfaction and business performance.

Chatbots that are integrated with automated call distribution (ACD), for example, enable contact centre leaders to extract critical information from customer interactions that can be used to:

  • Optimize forecasting and scheduling
  • Improve routing
  • Transfer inquiries from a chatbot to an agent
  • Measure contact centre customer satisfaction

Chatbot software is designed to optimize workforce efficiency in customer service. When used in an omnichannel contact centre, it ensures complex queries are being transferred and efficiently resolved by agents.

Ultimately, adding chatbots to your business reduces customer wait times and improves first contact resolution – increasing your contact centre customer satisfaction rates.

3. Collect Feedback Over the World’s Most Popular Messaging Apps

Omnichannel capabilities and chat technology help your contact centre respond immediately, free up agents to focus on resolving complex queries, and help transfer those complex customer inquiries and tickets to the most suitable agent.

They also serve as a powerful customer feedback tool.

When you have a contact centre solution with natively integrated messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp, you can:

  • Better understand customer intent
  • Enrich the feedback experience with different forms of rich media
  • Deliver a conversational customer experience across the entire customer journey
  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity
  • Measure that improvement of efficiency to quantify results

Messaging and chat apps can serve as a forum to measure contact centre customer satisfaction, NPS scores, and other consumer surveys and feedback methods.

By measuring this on the aggregation of consumer data, messaging and chat apps can benchmark your contact centre capabilities to help you know exactly how your customers are reacting to your services.

Deliver Superior Contact Centre Customer Experiences

Omnichannel communication, chatbots, and the reach of chat apps are the three essential factors in achieving a superior contact centre customer experience that positively impacts your contact centre customer satisfaction ratings.

It’s time to go beyond regular surveys and use all your cloud contact centre capabilities to deliver superior customer service and support.

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Published On: 15th Mar 2021
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