What Is In-Country Number Testing?

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Proactive testing and monitoring of telecommunications networks helps to ensure that the audio quality of your contact centre calls is sufficient.

Companies like Spearline tests toll, toll-free and premium-rate numbers internationally for their customers that operate across the globe. This type of testing is also known as “in-country number testing”.

They provide tools to test your connectivity, your audio quality, and make sure your DTMS is working in all your lines right down to the contact centre.

Listen to the video below to find out more about how Spearline operate:

The key, though, is to remember that audio quality can have a huge impact on general customer experience, right from the sales cycle down to how you support them.

Not only that, but if you have poor audio quality in the contact centre it increases the length of the call and has an impact on the customer experience; it’s going to have an impact on how they perceive your business.

If you have a freephone number you cannot test that number unless you’re in-country.  Platforms like Spearline allows you to test that number.  This is done by having servers physically located in-country.

Replicating the customer’s experience, the platform is dialling in on the numbers, and any kind of customer-impacting issue that it detects is immediately flagged to the customer.

The Spearline tool gives its customers all of the information they need so they are able to take action straight away, before there is a large customer impact and before there is a significant cost.

Recommended tools will have conducted millions of test calls worldwide, resulting in billions of data-points, operating a 24/7 support service for international customers.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 16th Sep 2019 - Last modified: 4th Nov 2020
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