Introducing Customer Hubs – May 2017

THE DATE: 23 May 2017

THE LOCATION: Blue Fin Venue, South Bank, London

THE DESCRIPTION: In spite of much progress towards more customer-centric engagement, organisations find themselves held back by the way they are organised and function. In short, this has emphasised tribalism at the expense of teamwork. This flies in the face of new market expectations for real-time, iterative engagement which is how digitally minded start-ups instinctively behave.

Customer hubs provide a fast, low-risk, self-funding approach to changing deeply embedded organisational behaviours. They work by re-establishing the natural teamwork between functions which then nurtures high performance, deep employee engagement and rapid innovation.

This masterclass starts you on that journey.

Summary Agenda
The rationale for developing a ‘beyond silo’ organisation
How customer hubs provide a low-risk route to transformation
How hubs work as self-contained ecosystems feeding the rest of the organisation
The ethos and daily life of your first customer hub
The operating model for running customer hubs locally, regionally and globally
Hubs as theatres of engagement, innovation lab, talent incubator and digital business academy

The Cost: £495 – Early bird pricing and group discounts are available.

THE ORGANISERS: Brainfood Consulting


Published On: 30th Aug 2016 - Last modified: 31st Aug 2016
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