Is It Time You Introduced a Self-Development Programme?

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Want to help your teams develop more than just their call-handling skills? Introducing a self-development programme could be the answer.

What Is a Self-Development Programme?

A self-development programme focuses on cultivating individual self-growth and improving employee mindset.

It moves away from a strict focus on sales and contact centre work itself, placing employee welfare at the heart of development.

A Self-Development Programme in Action

Sophie Dorrell, Business Change Manager at Interact CC, and ‘Change Maker’ Award Winner at the UK National Contact Centre Awards 2022, explains their self-development programme.

How the Programme Works

Before our employees go on the course, they enter a 6-week pre-course where our dedicated development team provide one-to-one self-growth sessions.

This helps them to identify areas for improvement and subsequently create a bespoke approach to prepare each individual for the main course.

The course itself then covers topics including Self-Growth and Communication before moving on to Leadership and Success.

At the end of the course, the “class” create a project that they feel will benefit the business, which is then presented to the senior leadership team. Subsequently, they become the project team that implements that change – with the help of the wider team.

The Benefits of Our Self-Development Programme

The growth of these employees is the best advertising we have for the programme.

85% of the employees that have gone through the programme have either been promoted or moved into a support role that has suited them better, and already the differences are being felt.

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Published On: 10th Mar 2023
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