91% of Contact Centre IT Staff Consider Compliance Investments a Priority

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NICE have announced the results of a new research study which found that 91% of respondents believe increasing contact centre compliance software investment should be considered a priority in the next year.

83% of contact centre professionals also said their organisation’s efforts towards customer privacy and private data safety need to be improved.

NICE’s survey, which focused on identifying the challenges of IT and compliance professionals, brought to light that 97% of those surveyed have at least one concern when it comes to their organisation’s ability to meet today’s compliance requirements.

These concerns ranged from the introduction of new regulations and the growing threat of cyberattacks to the increasing complexity of internal systems.

When asked to identify the most important factor for improving contact centre compliance, 88% of respondents highlighted a need to improve proactivity and speed through better mechanisms to detect violations (26%), better error prevention (23%), improved visibility across different tools/systems (21%) and quicker violation resolution (18%).

The survey also found that a quarter of the contact centre IT staff’s time is being invested in compliance-related activities.

A key conclusion identified by the research was that dedicated compliance solutions comprising analytics and automation will help contact centres optimise resources while empowering employees to ensure compliance and building trust among customers.

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“Contact centres must protect the interests of their customers when it comes to their personal data,” said Barry Cooper, President of the Enterprise Group for NICE.

“Ensuring compliance requires contact centres to navigate a maze of regulations, standards and best practices, which are becoming increasingly resource draining for IT and compliance professionals.

“Businesses must leverage analytics, AI and automation to adopt a proactive approach, uphold the trust of their customers and simplify their employees’ day-to-day tasks.”

To find out more about NICE, visit: www.nice.com

Published On: 10th Jun 2019 - Last modified: 11th Jun 2019
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