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Silvio Kutić at Infobip explains how after working from home for months (and, for some, years) a hybrid working model now seems to be taking hold across the world. Done well, this brings together the best of remote and office working, and can lead to a happier, more flexible workforce – and better business outcomes.

We’re proud to be contributing to this movement, developing smarter ways of communicating, powering remote contact centre teams, and helping businesses utilise data insights and analytics to drive continuous improvement.

The Metaverse

I’m happy to see that 2022 also looks like being the year in which the world starts taking more notice of the way virtual and augmented reality is going to influence all of our lives. The talk started after Mark Zuckerberg announced the concept of the Metaverse. But companies like Apple and Microsoft are also adding to the conversation.

The opportunities in this new digital world are vast – from new ways of doing commerce and building communities, to establishing new models of customer service.

For businesses to thrive in the Metaverse, they will need to focus on developing efficient, personal and contextual experiences for customers.

At Infobip, we are focusing hard on the role we will play here. As the world’s most connected cloud communications platform, we know we’re better placed than anyone to support businesses as they get ready to engage with customers in the Metaverse.

I’ve mentioned just two important trends here. But there are so many more – a lot of them driven by the younger generations. It’s worth remembering that children who’ve known smartphones for as long as they can remember are becoming adults this year!

A world of business opportunities awaits those brave enough to adapt to the change taking place around us. That’s why 2022 is a year in which we should all remind ourselves to be bold and transformative.

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Published On: 27th Jan 2022 - Last modified: 1st Feb 2022
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