Netcall Completes the Accreditation Process for the Medical Interoperability Gateway

Netcall is proud to be an accredited partner of the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG), and can now announce the first solution to be delivered through MIG will be for Newcastle City Council.

Inspiration born out of need

Sustainability and Transformational Plans and Digital Roadmaps are becoming vital across the UK. This reflects the need for health trusts and local councils to share information. That will also mean data sharing.

At the same time, there is a shift in some acute pathways. Trusts are moving towards care within the community. That means staff need to access patient information as fast as possible. Meanwhile, security remains as important as ever.

A partnership of equals

Netcall enjoys close working relationships with the MIG team and Newcastle City Council. As a result, they can now display real time patient data. This complements a full social care record.

The case management solution enables a single sign-on through Active Directory. It also generates a full audit trail of who requested what data, and when they did it.

Joe Bradshaw is a Senior ICT Solutions Analyst at Newcastle City Council. He sees several benefits to this new system. “Newcastle’s social care practitioners lose thousands of hours a year. They have to wait for GPs and healthcare staff to supply information.

“Integrating our current case management system with the MIG gives them real-time data. They can have a view of detailed healthcare records around the clock. This will reduce the number of calls to GPs. It allows our social care workers to focus on their core work.

“With Netcall’s solution, we have been able to customise our service. It allows secure and resilient access irrespective of the back-office system. This is in line with Newcastle’s agile way of working.”

The view from Netcall

Mark Holmes

Mark Holmes

Mark Holmes is the Sales Director at Netcall. He says: “Our accreditation to MIG and partnership with Newcastle demonstrates the ease and flexibility of MIG integration.

“Trusts and councils will now be able to access MIG services with ease. They can share information between different care organisations in real time. We’re looking forward to being part of the Newcastle project. We know it will help to enhance their offer to social care providers.”

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Published On: 11th Jul 2017 - Last modified: 12th Jul 2017
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