NICE Introduces Generative AI-Powered Industry Benchmarks

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NICE has announced Industry Benchmarks, augmenting Enlighten Action’s generative AI-powered capabilities to allow brands to holistically compare their operations to industry standards.

This enhances Enlighten Actions, using large language models to create stronger brand loyalty for consumers and allow business users to interact with data in a conversational way.

With Enlighten Actions Industry Benchmarks, companies have access to anonymized benchmarked interaction level data, from more than 75 industries, for all interaction intents to holistically compare their operations to their specific vertical.

This benchmark information relates to call reasons, handle time, CSAT, agent behaviours, complaints, sales effectiveness, scheduling levels, training, automation, and more.

For the first time, companies will be able to see how their service level compares to other companies in their industry and understand the opportunities to optimize service and training and reduce costs through self-service.

Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE, said, “The ability to ensure the highest level of service is key to creating and increasing brand loyalty and to creating differentiating CX.

“The addition of Industry Benchmarks to Enlighten Actions is a significant leap forward and is quickly becoming a must-have for organizations in their constant effort to enhance and optimize their customer experience.”

“Brands across all industries are looking for practical ways to apply conversational AI to improve employee performance and bottom-line results,” explains Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research.

“NICE’s Industry Benchmarks opens up a broad opportunity for executives to harness the power of generative AI and large language models to ensure their customer and employee experiences exceed those of their competition.”

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NICE NICE is a leading global enterprise software provider that enables organizations to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance and fight financial crime. Their mission is to help customers build and strengthen their reputation by uncovering customer insight, predicting human intent and taking the right action to improve their business.

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Published On: 27th Jul 2023 - Last modified: 1st Aug 2023
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