NICE Launches CXone Mpower. A Game-Changer for AI in CX?

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NICE has announced the launch of CXone Mpower, a comprehensive AI platform designed to enhance customer experience (CX) through advanced AI capabilities.

This platform integrates Copilot, Autopilot, and Actions to provide a seamless collaboration between human agents and AI.

CXone Mpower uses proprietary AI to bridge the gap between organizational delivery and customer expectations.

It does this by providing contextual insights at critical moments in the customer journey.

The platform focuses on three key areas:

  1. Immediate Augmentation – Utilizing memory-driven AI, it enhances employee performance with augmented intelligence, enabling smarter and faster workflows.
  2. Advanced Skillability – It facilitates dynamic skill transfer between humans and AI, allowing virtual agents to understand consumer intents, remember preferences, and resolve issues efficiently.
  3. Fully Aware Proactive Service – By connecting to all organizational touchpoints and applications, it achieves full perception, offering personalized and proactive service recommendations.

Is this a game changer for AI in CX?

Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE, certainly seems to think so.

He said “CXone Mpower is the holy grail of CX. It lets businesses achieve it all. This is a culmination of the relentless innovation NICE has driven in the last decade, bringing all our solutions together in a single, transformative offering.”

Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst, Metrigy, also said, “Metrigy’s research validates the need for an offering like CXone Mpower. CX leaders don’t want AI in siloes; they want it to move effortlessly through workflows and customer journeys.

In 2023, 30% of customer interactions flowed back and forth between agent and AI; that’s projected to rise to 54% by 2026. This is where CXone Mpower will shine.”

Read the NICE press release to find out more

Author: Robyn Coppell
Reviewed by: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Jun 2024 - Last modified: 19th Jun 2024
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