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NICE has announced that it has been recognized by Metrigy as a MetriStar Top Provider in the Workforce Optimization Platform category.

Based on a ranking of customer sentiment scores and proven business success, the Metrigy report assesses the overall value realized from various workforce optimization solutions.

NICE customers reported measurable improvements in revenue, agent efficiency, cost reduction and customer satisfaction, and ranked the NICE WFO platform notably high for reliability, analytics and its positive impact on corporate CX initiatives.

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Robin Gareiss, CEO & Principal Analyst, Metrigy, noted, “CX leaders clearly see NICE as a reliable platform, augmented with sophisticated analytics that help overall CX initiatives.

“Its comprehensive workforce optimization suite helps anticipate business demands, automate scheduling and optimize workforces using a robust, AI-enabled analytics engine. Today, WFO capabilities are key to a burgeoning area of focus among CX leaders – agent experience.

“Happy agents equate to happy customers, so by using technologies that improve agent experience and performance, a whole chain reaction occurs. Agent turnover drops so operational costs decrease.

“Coaching and longevity improve agent performance, enabling them to better and more efficiently serve customers. That results in better ratings and referrals, which in turn, drives more revenue and new customers.”

Barry Cooper, President, NICE Workforce and Customer Experience Group, said, “Ensuring that agents are empowered, prepared and engaged is the key to addressing the emerging needs of today’s digital consumers.

“The gold standard for WFO in today’s digital age is its ability to empower agents, allowing them to create personal and fluent experiences while ensuring businesses have optimal staff at the right time with the right skills.

“As the Metrigy research confirms, our customers appreciate the practical impact of this approach on employees and the bottom line.”

NICE performed better than any other provider in this year’s Metrigy rankings, receiving six MetriStar Top Provider awards.

In the Workforce Optimization Platform category, the Metrigy report highlighted NICE’s comprehensive set of WFO applications, including for performance and quality management, automated agent coaching, interaction recording, analytics, scheduling and capacity planning.

These tools optimize operational efficiency and empower supervisors to prevent small problems from becoming large ones.

According to the Metrigy report, business impact was evaluated using data showing before-and-after changes in relevant metrics. Customers reported revenue increases, cost savings, improvements in customer experience ratings, and greater agent efficiency after implementation of NICE WFO solutions.

The report’s sentiment rankings were based on open-ended qualitative commentary and participant ratings, with customers particularly noting the NICE WFO platform’s reliability, ability to assist with CX initiatives and analytics capabilities.

The evaluations driving NICE’s recognition as a top vendor were performed during Metrigy’s Customer Experience MetriCast 2022 study, which included surveys of 1,846 CX leaders from companies in 10 countries across three regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific).

Participants provided feedback on both the measurable business impact and their subjective assessment of the WFO platforms they have been using, providing insights for ranking the correlation between the WFO platforms and measurable business success.

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Published On: 23rd Mar 2022 - Last modified: 29th Mar 2022
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