PCI DSS-Compliant Card Payment Services Launched for Digital Channels

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Syntec has launched CardEasy Digital to provide PCI DSS-compliant card payment services for digital communication channels in contact centres such as e-mail, SMS, webchat, WhatsApp, social media and chatbots.

Consumers expect to be able to be communicate with merchants and pay them securely via whichever channel they choose. So CardEasy Digital complements Syntec’s patented CardEasy Voice Channel solutions, which allow customers to enter their card numbers on the keypad of their own phone in the middle of a call with an agent or when using self-service IVR or alternatively via automated speech recognition (ASR). This means that the card numbers are no longer audible or visible in the contact centre environment and so cannot be stored or compromised.

With CardEasy Digital, contact centre agents can generate single-use secure html payment links or QR codes. The agent sends the link to the customer via any digital communication channel. This provides the customer with access to a secure payment page (served by CardEasy) which they complete with their payment card details. The customer can complete this page on any device which is connected to the internet, including computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Once the customer has clicked the link or scanned the QR code to open the payment page on their device, CardEasy Digital works in a choice of two modes:

    • The agent remains connected to the customer (e.g. via webchat) to support them through to transaction completion. CardEasy Digital provides the agent with real-time visibility of the customer’s progress – from opening the secure payment page to entering their card numbers (only visible to the agent as asterisks) and completing the transaction.
  • ‘Fire and forget’, for instance via e-mail or SMS, where the agent sends the customer the secure link and then moves on to other tasks without tracking the customer’s progress.
    The captured card data is securely submitted to the merchant’s payment services provider by CardEasy for authorisation, as with the CardEasy voice solutions. The transaction is completed in the usual manner and communicated back via CardEasy in real-time to the merchant’s back office systems and to the agent (if they are still connected).

Real-time reporting ensures that the effectiveness of using secure payment links can be tracked, with analytics to allow further data interrogation, such as successful and abandoned payments, as well as those which are part-completed and might benefit from direct follow-up.

Payment links can be set to expire at a chosen time or duration or be left without a time limit.

CardEasy Digital does not require integration with the merchant’s payment application and is already integrated with a large number of leading payment gateways, which allows for rapid deployment, PCI DSS compliance and customer re-assurance across the entire contact centre operation within days.

“CardEasy Digital marks the latest evolution in Syntec’s provision of global secure payment services for organisations handling payments in their Contact Centres” commented Danny Cresswell, Syntec’s Chief Sales Officer on the launch. “CardEasy now offers a one-stop shop for payment security across all contact centre channels. With so many merchants currently forced to locate contact centre staff remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CardEasy Digital provides a quick, cost- effective solution for remote workers to handle payments, which can be used in conjunction with the CardEasy Voice Channel payment solutions.”

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Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 22nd Apr 2020
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