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“Does anyone know of any multilingual call centres in the UK?”

Answer 1:

Try CallPoint New Europe. It’s a leading customer call center in Eastern Europe with operations in Romania and Bulgaria with about 400 positions.

They have operations in 10 languages, they are very strong in EN, FR, DE, ES and IT

Answer thanks to Greg Vig. 

Answer 2:

GSI Commerce in Manchester offers English French Italian German Spanish Dutch and Nordic languages in Manchester.

Answer thanks to Christine Ashworth. 

Answer 3:

Try CTL Europe. Based in London, so have good catchment area, but rates are comparable with other UK centres.

Answer thanks to Mark Jefferies.

Answer 4:

I found CTL Europe in wembley very good for the main euro languages. Nice people to deal with and despite their London location their pricing was attractive.

Answer thanks to James DeFreitas.

Published On: 30th Aug 2008 - Last modified: 12th Apr 2022
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