Reimagining Customer Experience

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Dan Shamouilian of Talkdesk discusses ways to reimagine customer experience.

Those of us eager for a return to our pre-COVID existence are most likely in for a very rude awakening, even as conditions settle and reopening continues. This doesn’t mean that the days of getting on planes, sitting in restaurants, and visiting our elderly relatives are over – quite the opposite.

What it does mean is that when we return to the pre-COVID businesses that we love, we’ll be returning to reimagined experiences, optimized for safety and spacing, while still attempting to maintain the same level of service that brought you there before the pandemic.

It’s not hard to imagine this reality, given that we’ve already entered it all over the country. Think of your favourite restaurant. That new take-out window they installed? It’s not going anywhere. Those new partitions that have been put up between tables? Here to stay. All that new outdoor seating? You guessed it.

In a broader CX context, reimagining will require us to accept the new environmental and economic conditions that we inherit, and reshape our service delivery models to address them at scale.

Here’s the good news: Your customers will come back, and you already know what they want and expect from you.

Here’s the hard news: Meeting those same expectations will likely be more difficult than prior to the pandemic.

Consumer discretionary spending will likely remain low for quite some time, meaning that as CX leaders, we’ll need to learn to do more with less. Thankfully, investing in the right set of solutions addresses the new normal and brings even better experiences to your customers.

Talkdesk customers have the benefit of using Virtual Agent to augment their human-powered CX teams. This provides customers with automation for simple support enquiries, and less of a need for a live agent to be online to help.

For CX leaders operating densely populated centres, this means fewer agents at their desks, greater contact centre efficiency and more potential for safe distancing.

For interactions that require a human touch, Talkdesk customers can use Agent Assist to give their teams quick access to knowledge and automation while on calls.

For a team that’s short staffed, onboarding new agents, or addressing a short-term need, this can dramatically improve response times and caller experience.

Augmenting your CX strategy with technology is nothing new, but in the post-pandemic days to come, solutions such as Virtual Agent and Agent Assist ensure that you’re meeting your customer where they are and bringing innovation to their experience.

How will you reimagine your CX experience?

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Published On: 2nd Jul 2020
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