Respect Your Customer’s Choice of Channel

Ringing back every customer who emails you isn’t always the best strategy.

Some contact centres take the approach that it is quicker and easier to ring back a customer who has contacted them via Twitter or email, especially if the query is more complex.

But your good intentions may be doing more harm than you think!

What if your customer is on a train? What if they have a stutter? What if they just don’t enjoy talking over the phone?

By following up an email query with a phone call, you are disregarding your customer’s personal preference and making them wonder why they bothered with email at all.

Instead, train your agents to attempt to answer all queries on the channel they came in on – and if they still feel the need to switch channels, they should ask the customer before picking up the phone!

Published On: 8th Mar 2016 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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