Simplyhealth Accelerates Healthcare Accessibility with Salesforce AI

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Leading U.K. health solutions provider Simplyhealth is using Salesforce Einstein, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud to power productivity across its business through AI-powered customer experiences, enabling its services to become more accessible and easy to use.

Why It’s Important:

More than two-thirds (61%) of service professionals believe generative AI technology will help them better serve their customers.

Since partnering with Salesforce, Simplyhealth has taken an omni-channel approach to customer service with a 360-degree view of each customer.

This has empowered agents with the ability to automate time-consuming administrative tasks, which helps Simplyhealth deliver a better and faster customer experience.

Driving the News

Simplyhealth is now using Salesforce Einstein for Service to transform agent efficiency with conversational AI.

Time to reply to customer email inquiries with a knowledge GPT-enabled response, with the appropriate human checks in place, has reduced from 12 minutes to just one minute since its launch.

Salesforce AI is already credited with resolving around 10% of Simplyhealth emails that were sent during November and December 2023.

With the reduction in work time to send these emails, service agents are using this extra time to focus on more engagement with customers, with a particular focus on their most vulnerable customers.

Additional benefits include:

  • With Einstein bots, Simplyhealth now handles 35% of all customer traffic through live chat.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud enables Simplyhealth to speed customer responses and enhance accessibility of services. Call volume has reduced by nearly 40% and agents are able to facilitate numerous live chats simultaneously.
  • Service Cloud Voice produces real-time call transcriptions and summaries, which can be used as a single source of truth for every customer, helping inform agents ahead of future conversations.
  • All teams will be able to create knowledge-generated email replies, leveraging AI to ingest the message, analyze the company’s approved FAQs, and write an email response.
  • Einstein Next Best Action helps agents follow best practices and ensures consistency in case response across departments.
  • With Sales Cloud, customer leads are automatically routed to the right healthcare expert. Teams are able to identify opportunities to cross-sell and meet performance targets.

The Trust Factor:

In healthcare, with the level of confidential data held, trust is critical. Designed for enterprise security standards, the Einstein Trust Layer’s zero retention architecture allows Simplyhealth to benefit from generative AI without compromising customer trust and company data.

The Customer Perspective:

“Generative AI has immense potential to revolutionize how the healthcare industry helps people to stay healthy and improve access to healthcare.

With Salesforce’s Einstein Trust Layer we can have confidence that our customer data is secure and protected as we transform the agent and customer experience.” – Claudia Nicholls, Chief Customer Officer, Simplyhealth

“With Salesforce we’re excited to put into practice world-leading AI capabilities to transform how we support our customers and ensure our business is ready for a digital-first future. Generative AI presents an exciting opportunity for business and our employees.

As an example, our teams will be able to delegate time-consuming, administrative tasks to AI agents, leaving more time for them to focus on challenging, complex, and rewarding work.”Dan Eddie, Director of Customer Services, Simplyhealth

The Salesforce Perspective:

“Technology is changing industries, including healthcare, at pace and in so many powerful ways. Today’s AI revolution is at the heart of that change, as our groundbreaking partnership with Simplyhealth demonstrates.

Salesforce’s trusted AI solutions are driving huge productivity benefits, not only enabling the Simplyhealth team to support customers more quickly and effectively but tailor support and further enhance the level of care for those that are most vulnerable and in need,” said Zahra Bahrololoumi, CEO — UKI

“Complementing Simplyhealth’s long-standing focus on its customers and wider societal purpose, this is an ongoing collaboration we’re really proud of,” she continued.

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Published On: 25th Jan 2024 - Last modified: 26th Jan 2024
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