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Salesforce has announced new features for Service Cloud that provide agents and supervisors with AI-powered insights, content generation, and automation capabilities to help increase customer satisfaction, grow loyalty, and help transform contact centers into revenue generators.

Powered by Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform, service leaders can now use Data Cloud and Einstein to identify recurring issues, recommend next steps based on customer feedback, and monitor service conversations to suggest ways agents can resolve cases faster.

Why it matters: Good customer service can drive billions in new revenue, yet people often have disconnected experiences when dealing with customer service agents.

Sixty percent of people surveyed in Salesforce’s State of Service report say it feels like they’re communicating with separate departments during a service call, and 66% often have to repeat or re-explain information to different representatives.

What’s Coming: New AI and Sata Innovations in Service Cloud Include:

Einstein Conversation Mining

With Data Cloud and Einstein, service leaders can now aggregate and analyze conversation data and understand the common reasons customers reach out across voice, messaging, and third-party apps, and then turn those insights into action.

For example, if Einstein Conversation Mining surfaces repeated returns on a product, organizations can create a knowledge article so customers can easily return an item, or train an Einstein Bot to handle the returns.

Generative AI Survey Summarization

With the relevant data integrated in Data Cloud, Einstein generative AI can identify and sort trends and root causes of low customer satisfaction scores.

Agents can then proactively follow up with customers, creating personalized communications that address the root causes, helping foster loyalty, and transforming contact centers into revenue centers.

Knowledge-Powered AI

Einstein can scan live customer conversations across channels such as phone, WhatsApp, and Facebook, and then suggest the best knowledge articles to help agents solve cases faster and improve the customer experience.

In addition, Einstein can automatically generate new knowledge articles based on data from customer conversations and cases. Once a new article is created, it can be reviewed, edited, and posted to the internal knowledge base as a resource for other service agents.

The Salesforce Perspective

“Customers are right to expect smarter, faster experiences in this AI era. Salesforce’s new innovations empower contact centers with real-time data and trusted AI to resolve cases and provide proactive, personalized service when and how customers want it — and sometimes even before they ask for it.” Ryan Nichols, Chief Product Officer, Service Cloud

Reaction to the News:

“At Sonos, we intend to use the new innovations at Salesforce to improve the agent and customer experience in the future by utilizing AI to handle mundane tasks, allowing our agents to focus on building customer loyalty and driving revenue.” Dharam Rai, Vice President, Customer Experience, Sonos

Partner ecosystem extends the power of the intelligent contact center: Salesforce has an extensive partner ecosystem that provides capabilities for service organizations of all sizes and in any industry.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will bring Amazon Connect Chat, Amazon Connect forecasting, capacity planning, and agent scheduling to Service Cloud.

This together with generative AI will power unified customer experiences, more productive agents, and more informed supervisors.

Genesys will help orchestrate personalized conversations across all channels while providing service leaders with workforce performance insights to inform organizational decisions.


  • Generative Knowledge Creation is generally available now.
  • Einstein Conversation Mining for Voice and messaging, including third-party apps, will be generally available in summer 2024.
  • Einstein Article Recommendations for Voice, Messaging for In-App and Web, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp will be in pilot in summer 2024.
  • Generative AI Survey Summarization will be generally available in summer 2024.
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Published On: 26th Mar 2024
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