The 2016/17 UK Contact Centre HR & Operational Benchmarking Report


The largest HR & operational benchmarking study of UK customer contact operations is now available, giving detailed information on:

  • Salaries and bonuses for new agents, experienced agents, team leaders/supervisors and contact centre managers
  • Agent attrition rates
  • Agent absence rates
  • Recruitment costs and best practice
  • Expected growth rates in 2017
  • Key operational metrics – average speed to answer, call abandonment, call duration, agent occupancy, first-contact resolution, call transfer, cost per call / email and webchat
  • Segmented by vertical market, size, activity and contact centre type, with historical data and future trends.

“The 2016/17 UK Contact Centre HR & Operational Benchmarking Report” provides up-to-the-minute key research based on surveys of 216 UK customer contact operations.

Some of this year’s findings include:

  • Average new agent salaries are £17,139 (up by 2% from 2015)
  • Agent attrition rates are at 21% annually, but far higher in large operations
  • Average call duration rises to the highest recorded figure
  • Cost per inbound call rises to £3.69, with digital channels only a little lower.

Findings are segmented by 11 vertical markets, 3 contact centre size bands, inbound/outbound activity and services/sales focus to give you the most accurate comparison with your own operation.

Historical data going back to 2003 are also used to identify key patterns in the industry, enabling the report to forecast how salaries, HR and performance benchmarks are likely to look in 2019.

No other report offers this kind of detail, because no other report has this level of research or analysis behind it.

The report costs £295 + VAT.

You can download more detail on the report, as well as how to purchase it, from

Published On: 22nd Nov 2016 - Last modified: 23rd Nov 2016
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