The Benefits of Call Centre Gamification

Gamification concept. Integrating game mechanics into workplace

Lucy Phillips at EvaluAgent outlines the benefits of gamification.

Workplaces have been using strategies to make work fun and improve performance since the 1970s. More than 70% of 2000 global companies use gamification because the results speak for themselves, with increased attendance rates and higher revenue being some of the findings.

In call centres, businesses leverage KPIs like earnings, wait times, and customer satisfaction and quality assurance with incentives like competitions or leaderboards. As a result, sales improve, and employees report higher satisfaction levels.

Gamification consists of a few essential elements that can be changed to promote success in many different ventures in the call centres.

The three components are a goal, a journey, and a method of measuring progress and achievement. Scorecards and leaderboards automatically tally various metrics and create an exciting and fast-paced environment.

Reduced Turnover

From the very beginning of employee training to day-to-day workplace life, gamifying the job helps to improve retention rates. New hires are nearly 70% more likely to stay if the workplace uses gamification.

Remote agents in particular benefit with a gamification strategy, but employees at all levels have something to gain.

Gamification provides essential value and enrichment in the workplace that boosts employee engagement.

These methods provide incentives for employee attendance and active participation in the workplace environment that becomes more interactive and enjoyable.

Elements of game play, like achievements, challenges and leaderboards reward employee accomplishment, competitiveness, and mastery.

During training periods, gamification elevates the traditional passive learning environment. This helps trainees retain information and stay engaged. Employees also become more involved with hands-on activities, quizzes, role-playing, and scenarios.

Another added benefit of gamification is that it transforms the continued learning process. Participants may earn badges and other credentials that foster a sense of achievement, helping learners develop a growth mindset.

Employee Engagement

More than 80% of employees say gamification enriches their workplace. Traditional elements of gameplay like badges, challenges, and leaderboards bring fun into the day-to-day workplace.

These rewards and incentives prioritise positive behaviours and outcomes. Visible markers such as badges give employees a real sense of achievement and tangible outcomes to their work efforts.

Also, employees get clear feedback and see how their performance measures up to their peers as well as providing aspirational goals for their future in the company.

During training, gamification sets a business apart as creative and unique. It provides additional ways employees can visualise growth and accomplish their personal and team goals in an organisation.

For example, a point system gives employees measurable ways they can improve over time. Employees branch out by learning new skills they would not have otherwise, making them more invested in their jobs and long-term goals with the company.

Healthy Competition

Workplace gamification bridges generational gaps and encourages healthy competition. It creates a common ground where employees can connect, collaborate, and learn from each other, regardless of their age or experience.

This level of engagement provides motivation and an excellent benchmark for continual growth and improvement. It helps participants constantly strive for improvement and develop new skills The desire to outperform peers can motivate many employees in a gamified environment.

Leaderboards provide clear and visible signifiers of performance in a public way. This in turn allows employees to see how they compare to their peers, providing motivation to improve. They’ll work harder, and the company benefits from the increase in productivity.

Employees become more proactive in seeking out challenges and accomplishing more. It lets top performers distinguish themselves as good examples and encourages transparency and accountability in the workplace.

Team Building

Many group-based challenges or goals give multiple opportunities for team building.

Motivation increases as team members encourage each other to perform their best. During the gamification process, individuals also learn which tasks they excel at, and can better work with others by amplifying their strengths and practise skills they can improve on. It develops essential soft skills like collaboration, respect, and inclusivity.

Team building continues both in and out of the workplace. Employees can celebrate each other’s milestones and look forward to their next big wins. Relationships among colleagues strengthen and the overall work environment improves.

Using gamification in strategic ways helps to elevate your company’s culture and achieve goals more easily. It gives a workplace a unique identity that sets it apart from other companies, promoting loyalty and a good work ethic.

The combination of teamwork, healthy competition, and personal growth found in gamified workplaces takes performance and success to the next level, and many call centers can benefit from the practise.

Ready to harness the potential of gamification in your call centre?

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