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CrowdSurge is working with NewVoiceMedia to quickly deploy a system to manage increases in call volumes and enhance the customer calling experience.

CrowdSurge provides services to artists, bands, promoters, and venues around the globe to help close the gap between rights holders and their customers. They have supported bands such as Snow Patrol, Arcade Fire and Biffy Clyro with advanced ticketing services, pre-sale services, multi-lingual and multi-currency, web and social media integration.

Due to their continued success and the predicted rise in traffic to the contact centre CrowdSurge turned to NewVoiceMedia, to make sure that ticket purchasers receive the best service. The new service provides a solution ensuring that fans’ calls are dealt with effectively, even during the busiest periods. Each call is intelligently handled, with intuitive IVR messaging and efficient call routing helping to connect customers with the right agents.

Noel Edwards, General Manager of CrowdSurge, said: “Our incumbent technology was six landlines using an Avaya telephone system, we didn’t want to purchase extra hardware or software and our main challenge was to ensure that calls were not lost and all were answered quickly. NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld can be implemented in a matter of days without the need for specialist hardware or software and gives us the technology we need to deliver for our customers.”

“The benefits of the new system were noticeable immediately. We are now able to route through as many calls as we receive, meaning no engaged tones or abandoned calls. Instead callers receive a message announcing the hotline and an IVR menu to alert the sales representative whether they want single, group or school bookings. Not only that, we are also able to record calls for monitoring purposes and access statistics to highlight busy periods, enabling us to predict when more staff may be needed.”

Jonathan Gale

Jonathan Gale

Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia, adds, “Not only is CrowdSurge able to adapt quickly to increases in customer calls, it is also able to handle more on a regular basis, enabling the business to upscale when it needs to, knowing that it has the right technology in place to support this growth. It’s because we are a true cloud provider that we can bring the best technology to every single business. What’s more, our technology is lightning-fast to deploy, cost effective and, as proven by our Trust site, offers the highest levels of performance, availability and security.”

Published On: 29th Aug 2012 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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