Top tips for deploying a Speech Analytics Solution

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Top tips for putting Speech Analytics to work

Multi channel analytics

Use an interactive approach.

Part of the challenge is looking for something that customers would actually say. A specific key word may have very different meanings in different contexts. A successful Speech Analytics solution does more than merely
search for words that you’ve predefined — it identifies trends in data, since that may uncover issues or areas of opportunity that aren’t apparent to you.

Choose a solution that works the way you do.

Speech Analytics can help find specific calls of interest that can impact quality monitoring, training and coaching. Make sure that the Speech Analytics solution you’re considering can be supported by your current
and future technical environment. It will help streamline existing workflow, reduce total cost of ownership and increase Return on Investment.

Use the solution for positive change, not as a disciplinary tool.

Speech Analytics is powerful and should be used to improve processes, empower agents and identify root causes and trends. You want your agents to embrace it, so avoid using the technology as a form of discipline.

Gain more value from your quality monitoring.

Many enterprises report that only 10 to 15 per cent of calls evaluated by supervisors are ever used for follow up training, coaching or process improvement. Apply Speech Analytics to focus your quality monitoring efforts
on the key issues. You can still evaluate a smaller random sample of calls for benchmarking, but aim to have some of your monitored calls focus on issues that impact on contact centre and enterprise performance, and
as a result, the customer experience.

Discover and resolve root causes.

Alerting a supervisor or calling a customer back every time a bad experience occurs, may not be a practical course of action for many contact centres.

Taking action to resolve the root causes impacting many customer
issues is more scalable and, typically, provides a greater impact. Look for a Speech Analytics solution that can automatically uncover root causes driving such calls.

Be realistic.

Speech Analytics can provide real value, but it doesn’t replace good agents or good supervisors. Although it can significantly impact quality monitoring, it doesn’t automatically score agent performance. Its power and
value come from identifying root causes hidden in thousands of calls, not from identifying a single key word mentioned in a single call.

Measure and share your results and success.

A better understanding of what drives your customers and your performance is a key competitive advantage.

Be sure to measure your results and share them with other areas of the business so that they can benefit from them as well.


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Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 14th Mar 2010 - Last modified: 19th Sep 2019
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