Top Tips for Improving NetPromoter Scores (NPS)


Lots of companies use the Net Promoter Score as a key measurement of customer service.  So how do you drive up this score?

Here are 13 top tips from our readers on how to turn detractors into promoters and get those NPS stats exactly where you want them.

1.    Send feedback directly to the advisor

Have your team leaders go through negative feedback for advisor NPS on a daily basis, as well as providing genuine praise for positive feedback.

Thanks to David

2.    Utilise the ‘full feedback loop’

Always seek out different methods of capturing customer feedback and sentiment, and keep asking how you can improve further.

Act on this feedback, make changes and communicate these changes back to the customer – that’s the full feedback loop.

Thanks to Emma

3.    Don’t forget about the promoters

Identify promoters that may be ‘at risk’ and address any issues.

It’s easy to just focus on the detractors, but if you lose a promoter from one end of the calculation and add a detractor on the other end, then you are doubling the negative impact.

Thanks to Andrew

4.    Listen to the calls

The best way to improve NPS is to listen to the calls that have led to each score. Translate them from what the customer says to what he/she probably means, and then give that feedback to the agent.

Thanks to Sven

5.    Get competitive

Run regular competitions that reward excellent NPS feedback.

Thanks to David

6.    Share success

Identify what high NPS-scoring agents are doing and what they are saying to their customers. Use this to circulate best practice advice to their lower-scoring colleagues.

Thanks to Kyley

7.    Get your technology right

Blend the technology so that it suits the client’s wishes – use voice IVR, SMS, email or perhaps a combination of all three.

Thanks to Chris

8.    Utilise ‘promoters’ to the max

Actively ask your promoters to ‘promote’ you directly with testimonials on your website.

There’s no harm in asking.

Thanks to Scott

9.    Give the customer options

Asking customers how they would like to be surveyed will increase the volume of responses. Some people like to get it done there and then when the call ends.  Others would rather email or use SMS.

Asking for their preferences will make them more willing to contribute.

Thanks to Mona

10.    Let your agents review themselves

Give your agents access to self-serve from their verbatim comments. This allows them to draw their own conclusions on how best to approach different scenarios and improve performance.

Thanks to Susanne

11.    Call them back

Give a courtesy call to any customer that offers criticism and tips on how to improve your service and let them know you listened and that you appreciate their input.

This is a valuable tool in working towards winning over the detractors.

Thanks to Malou

12.    Hold weekly triage meetings

Hold weekly triage meetings with cross-business department heads in which direct customer feedback and feedback themes can be discussed.

Use the NPS feedback to drive action and improvement elsewhere in the business.

Thanks to Rowan

13.    Give your agents some recognition

Make a big deal of your promoters. Set up a ‘wall of fame’ with all of your best feedback and have directors, CEOs, etc. read it when they visit.

Thanks to Rozanne

What suggestions do you have for improving Net Promoter Scores?

Please leave your suggestions in an email to Call Centre Helper

Want more tips to improve your NPS? Read this article for 5 more strategies to improve your net promoter score. 

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 4th Sep 2013 - Last modified: 11th Sep 2019
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  • customer must rate that call not give us their life story…. that rate will either make advisor get a warning or get fired. .. customers must use complain channel to complain not nps… nps is advisor salary.

    customers are not always right. .. think about what you go through your job its the same as advisers.

    location means nothing that person is trained to do the job that’s why they are there…

    no nane 3 Jun at 08:54
  • Be consistant in what you do and provide excellant customer service every time

    Me 3 Apr at 20:46