Articles - Feedback

This is a collection of articles with useful advice for methods for collecting customer feedback and how you can use the feedback that you have collected.

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20 Tips for Managing Change in the Contact Centre
Five question marks on colorful stickers notes on the desktop
5 Critical Questions Every Contact Centre Manager Needs to Ask Right Now
Customer feedback concept
11 Best Practices for a Voice of the Customer Survey
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What Is Closed-Loop Feedback?
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How Often You Should Seek Customer Feedback
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How to Provide Closed-Loop Feedback With Employees and Customers
Customer Experiences After Call Survey Concept
What Is an After-Call Survey?
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Customer Service Emails and Letters: How to Review and Improve Your Templates
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What I’ve Learned From Running a Contact Centre – Everyone in Your Team Is an Individual
Train Team Leaders Well
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How to Create the Best Customer Service Survey – With Examples
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10 Good Feedback Examples to Improve Contact Centre Performance
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Shock: Contact Centres Are Ditching Surveys at an INCREDIBLE Rate
A photo of faces being drawn, which represent feedback
Customer Service Feedback: How to Perfect Your Strategy
A photo of someone using a tablet to complete a survey
Customer Service Surveys – Bringing Sanity to the Survey
A photo of four people holding speech bubbles over their faces
25 Good Customer Feedback Examples
Business People Planning Strategy Around a Desk
5 Contact Centre Improvement Strategies
23 Contact Centre Predictions for 2019
How Can I Make My Contact Centre Customer-Centric?
What Exactly Is a 360 Degree View of the Customer?
10 Best Practices to Improve Customer Service Live Chat
How to Calculate an Employee Net Promoter Score
9 Best Practices to Develop Call Quality Monitoring 
18 Things You Can Learn from the PhotoBox Contact Centre