Vonage Launches New Brand Campaign

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Vonage has launched a new brand campaign platform, “Vonage Does That,” to help business buyers understand who Vonage is today and how Vonage powers connections that deepen customer engagement and brand loyalty.

The campaign takes an engaging storytelling, use-case approach to drive a perception shift of the Vonage brand, focusing on real-world applications for Vonage solutions.

At a time when employee connectivity and customer engagement around the world is more important than ever, the campaign illustrates how Vonage’s technologies power many of the apps, software and business communications tools people use every day through the Company’s API, Unified Communications, and contact centre offerings.

“The strategy is really twofold,” said Joy Corso, Chief Marketing Officer of Vonage.

“First is to help businesses understand, very simply, how Vonage powers organizations to connect employees and engage customers in tangible and meaningful ways.

“There is no question these are areas that are top of mind for businesses around the world as the need for hybrid work accelerates, and the demand to build solutions to engage with customers in new ways grows.”

Corso continued, “The second is a continued brand perception shift. Vonage is a well-known and respected brand, but it is also a brand that has gone through significant transformation from a residential telco provider to a leading B2B communications cloud provider.

“This campaign approach really accomplishes both missions beautifully.”

Targeting business decision-makers and developers, the campaign’s approach was inspired by the insight that customers speak and think in use-cases. The work takes the storytelling principles of consumer advertising to bring those use-cases to life in meaningful ways for a B2B audience.

Digital and video executions are built on short engaging stories that customers can relate to, both personally and as a business buyer.

Whether it’s receiving medical attention from anywhere through telehealth, tracking a package or a food delivery in real time, booking a rideshare service while maintaining privacy, providing fraud protection, connecting with the right customer support agent for your individual need, or enabling video and voice communications across thousands of office locations, Vonage Does That, and this new campaign shows it.

The campaign concept was developed by Doremus featuring slice-of-life scenarios where Vonage plays a key role, all delivered as catchy, conversational :10s spots. A live-action shoot allowed Vonage to create differentiation in a category that relies heavily on stock and animation.

“Vonage is a great brand with a great story to tell. We deliberately steered clear of ‘tech speak’ to reach audiences in a more human and memorable way. We know that done right, well-produced videos can not only educate and entertain, but drive business too,” added Paul Hirsch, President & Chief Creative Officer of Doremus.

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Published On: 3rd Sep 2021 - Last modified: 7th Sep 2021
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