Vonage Announces Brand Revitalization

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Vonage have announced its brand revitalization, presenting a company united to profoundly change business communications.

Through nearly 20 years of constant change and disruption in the technology space, Vonage has been leading through the change.

With this brand revitalization, Vonage is demonstrating its position as a B2B communications SaaS leader for a new era.

“As people have searched for new, more effective means of communicating, Vonage has been there, leading through change and evolving with customer needs by helping businesses focus on what really matters – keeping their employees connected to each other and to their own customers and prospects in meaningful ways,” said Alan Masarek, Vonage CEO.

“During this evolution, Vonage has held true to its roots as a technology disruptor, building on the foundations of its carrier-grade network and vast portfolio of cloud-based products and services, boldly reinventing the customer experience and transforming the way our customers do business.”

Vonage has transformed over the past six years through organic growth combined with nine strategic acquisitions, including the addition of programmable communications via the Nexmo API Platform and contact center excellence via NewVoiceMedia, to build the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform.

By fully leveraging the technology and remarkable talent secured through these acquisitions under the singular Vonage brand, with a new logo, identity and strategy, the company is reinforcing that it is uniquely able to deliver the collaboration, communications and experience needs of businesses globally.

Vonage’s combined capabilities allow for the creation of personalized, rich and secure customer experiences by allowing customers to use their communications channels of choice when and where they want, through voice, video, chat and apps.

The Vonage Platform:

  • Scales to serve its customers globally with capabilities to integrate voice, messaging, video and data, built on a carrier-grade network infrastructure.
  • Offers flexible portfolio of proven, ready-to-go applications, or use of extensive communications APIs to create proprietary applications and integrations, or takes the best of both, using apps and customizing with APIs.
  • Enables businesses to have great conversations everywhere, to create new and differentiated experiences, unlocking the power of data and AI to make every conversation more successful.

Vonage CMO Rishi Dave commented: “As Vonage completed its transformation into a true B2B SaaS company built on the most flexible cloud communications platform in the market, we knew that the way we presented, thought about and lived our brand day to day needed to shift as well.”

“We are proud to unveil our new look, messaging and integrated products under one brand as we continue to drive the changes in the communications industry.”

Bill Haskins, Sr. Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research noted: “Transformation is a term applied frequently, yet rarely witnessed – and I’d suggest Vonage provides a unique case-study in successful business transformation.”

“We’ve watched Vonage evolve into today’s successful B2B SaaS company, enhancing its portfolio with its carrier-grade network and adding enterprise support, API, Application and AI expertise along the way.

Haskins continues: “Of course, acquiring expertise is the easy part – the magic happens when the right technologies, the right teams, and the right leaders come together and actually deliver.”

“You’ll find transformation delivered across Vonage’s feature-set, experience, product direction, and financials – a quantified and proper use of the term, and a well-deserved badge for Team Vonage.

Visionary companies change industries, setting high expectations for everyone that follows in the process.

Customers and employees are embracing these new possibilities, and are also demanding a flawless customer experience, instant gratification and relationships on their terms.

To address these demands Vonage has built the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform that enables companies to create new, unique and distinctive meaning in their relationships with their people, partners and customers.

“We began this brand revitalization by understanding what made Vonage great in the first place and modernizing it for a new set of customers and markets,” said Tom Furr, Head of Brand for Vonage.

“We have a strong brand legacy – who could forget the ‘WooHoo’ jingle associated with Vonage’s disruption of the residential home phone service market back in 2001?”

“But the Vonage of yesteryear is not today’s Vonage. Our new brand is modern, exciting, and leverages the strength of the Vonage brand legacy while marking the next phase of its evolution.

This news story has been re-published by kind permission of Vonage

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 17th Mar 2020 - Last modified: 19th Jul 2022
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