Vonage Releases a Unified Communications Solution

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Vonage have announced the integration of Vonage Contact Center (VCC) and Vonage Business Communications (VBC) unified communications solution.

Vonage’s single communications suite with an integrated experience can help businesses optimise communications with customers, improve their internal collaboration, customise their experience and maximise productivity.

Vonage is the only cloud communications company that can deliver a truly unified, end-to-end communication experience because it owns the entire stack, from Unified Communications to Contact Centres, to APIs and AI.

“At Vonage, we know that a siloed system can’t compare to a single, proven communications provider,” said Jay Patel, Chief Product Officer for Vonage.

“With our integrated experience, we have transcended the boundaries of internal and external communications with one single interface for a consistent, effortless user experience for business communication.” 

Common Call Controls

Unified communications users and contact centre agents can take advantage of the same set of common call controls, making it easier to communicate across the business.

Contact centre agents can interact with colleagues, customers and prospects in the way that suits them best — through an embedded experience within their CRM platform or the Vonage Business Communications Desktop application, which features a range of interface options.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Business today demands a user-friendly experience and Single Sign On offers just that. SSO provides consistent identity and access management across the entire operation.

By employing a simple login with the click of a button, the need to locate multiple login credentials is eliminated.

Agents can quickly login to the contact centre with a click and control their availability for prospects and customers.

Single Intuitive Interface

Vonage seamlessly meshes a company’s unified communications solution, contact centres, CRM and other integrations — all cloud-based and accessible in Vonage’s easy, intuitive interface.

This results in reduced training time, less frustration, increased efficiency, and a consistent, effortless experience.

Common Directory

Thanks to a single directory across the unified communications and contact centre solutions, collaboration has never been easier. Vonage enables all employees to base business decisions on the same data.

Vonage’s mission is to make communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal to help enterprises stay ahead. And Vonage’s integrated experience plays an important part in making that vision a reality.

Professional Presence and Availability

Vonage’s integrated experience enables agents to see if a back-office user is available for consultation and check other agents’ availability, making customer service more effective by using the skills and expertise of the entire business to support customer interactions.

Users can connect via multiple channels, such as messaging, conference calls or video meetings — enhancing productivity while boosting customer satisfaction.

According to Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst of COMMfusion, “Customer care should be the responsibility of the entire organisation, not just contact centre agents.”

“Giving agents and others in the organisation the tools to communicate and collaborate internally and externally helps them work together to better serve customers.”

Pleasant added, “Approximately 20 percent of customer service interactions require the assistance of someone outside of the contact centre.

“With the tools to reach out to subject matter experts in an organisation, contact centre professionals can provide faster and better service to customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

“With Vonage’s seamless integration of unified communications and contact centre and consolidated directory, contact centre agents can reach out and connect with people in the organisation with the right skills and knowledge to most effectively solve a customer’s issue or query, leading to first contact resolution and more satisfied customers.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 5th May 2020
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