What Does Average Resolution Time (ART) Mean?

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Average Resolution Time (ART) or Time to Resolution or Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) is the average time call centre agents take to solve opened tickets in a specified period.

The average resolution time in call centres varies depending on the complexity of the service issue and the ratio of available call centre agents to queued tickets for the given period.

If the Average Resolution Time (ART) increases, the call centre manager should investigate the underlying problem and try to solve it.

It could mean that the support crew needs more aid and training to deal with increasingly complicated client concerns or that there is a lack of coordination between the support team and those brought in to help with complex problems, such as engineering challenges.

How to Calculate the Average Resolution Time?

The Average Resolution Time (ART) formula is as follows:

Average Time to Resolution = Sum of All Times to Resolution ÷ Total Number of Cases Resolved

Using the basic technique above, you may evaluate customer service.

You must divide the number of cases resolved by the sum of all times to resolution. For example, it displays the support team’s Average Resolution Time (ART).

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Published On: 9th Sep 2022
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