What Is a Preview Dialler?

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What Is Preview Dialling?

Preview dialling automates call placing but only after agents have had time to gather and absorb information about the call recipient.

How Does Preview Dialling Work?

When an agent indicates availability, information about the next call is sent to the agent for preview. After a set amount of time, the number is automatically dialled.

The purpose of this delay is to let the agent prepare for the call, using information typically taken from the company CRM system.

What Are the Benefits of Preview Dialling?

The benefits of preview dialling are the time agents are allowed to prepare for a call. They can review all previous contacts with a customer and any other information stored on the firm’s CRM system.

That stops customers having to repeat information they’ve already given and also leads to more personalized conversations.

Who Uses Preview Dialling?

Preview diallers are particularly helpful when the reason for the call is complex or sensitive. That could be a debt resolution call, or a call responding to a customer complaint. Agents get to rehearse answers and tighten scripts before the call is connected.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 13th Jul 2023
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