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Three-Quarters of Customer-Facing Workers Facing Imminent Burnout
83% of Contact Centre Workers Facing Imminent Burnout
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18 Goodwill Gestures to Build Better Employee Relationships
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The Year Ahead: Contact Centre Trends for 2022
Pressure of Demanding Customers
How to Deal With Demanding Customers
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How to Reduce Staff Churn
Call Centre Predictions for 2022 Fortune Cookies
Contact Centre Predictions for 2022
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Why Choosing a Small ISV Makes Perfect Business Sense
Problems Facing Contact Centres Warning Sign
The Biggest Problems Facing Contact Centres Today
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The Future of Customer Communication
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20 Demand Planning Techniques for Your Call Centre
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The Balancing Act: Increase Your Productivity and Stay Compliant
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One in Five Firms Admit to Using Secret Spy Software
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23 Key Processes Call Centre Automation Can Simplify
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How to Serve Vulnerable Customers
Retro Robot with Tin Can Phones
The Dos and Don’ts of Automated Assistants in the Contact Centre
Dog and human sharing empathetic connection
26 Great Techniques for Showing Real Empathy in Customer Service
Person entering card details into a phone
The Real Cost of Not Having a Payment IVR
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23 New Ideas for Customer Service Over the Phone
Illustration of unhappy customer leaving negative reviews
Customer Complaints at an All-Time High
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We Are Sick of the Covid Excuse
Scammer stealing a credit card from a person online
Banking Call Centre Staff Help Stop Finance Fraud
A wooden doll with a long nose stuck in a mouse trap
White Lies Leave UK Companies in the Dark
Packing belongings after job resignation
Are You About to Lose Your Team?
An outline of a person with a virus shaped wrecking ball
Struggling to Focus at Work? It Could Be ‘Pandemic Brain’

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