What Is a Progressive Dialler?

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What Is Progressive Dialling?

Progressive diallers are auto-diallers that only dial a number when an agent is available to take the call.

How Does Progressive Dialling Work?

Instead of calling multiple numbers at the same time, the system only calls the next number when the previous call is finished, or the agent indicates they are ready for the next call. Dialling is instant and automatic at that point, reducing wait time between calls.

What Are the Benefits of Progressive Dialling?

By slowing the pace down a little, the system still allows for a relatively high number of calls but also eliminates the risk of customers abandoning calls or waiting a frustratingly long time before being connected to an agent.

With progressive dialling, there is always an agent free to talk when a call is answered. That’s not always the case with predictive dialling, when customers may have to wait before being connected to an available agent.

Who Uses Progressive Dialling?

Progressive dialling is often used in more targeted sales campaigns, or those involving higher-value goods or services.

Smaller, more focused data sets mean cost per call pressures are not so severe, and having an agent available when calls are answered is of paramount importance. After-sales service teams may also prefer progressive dialling.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 6th Jul 2023
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