Zendesk Presents CX Oktoberfest Council

THE DATE: 21st September 2017


THE DESCRIPTION: Relationships are complicated?

This afternoon is dedicated to the beauty and flaws of customer relationships and how to manage satisfaction whilst dealing with the rapidly growing and changing customer service trends.

We are delighted to have two of our key customers presenting and sharing their best practices.

Next to a deep dive into how the right data usage and analysis can enhance your relationship to your customer, our US and EMEA executive team will share details of our corporate strategy and provide an overview of our brand new product roadmap. You will have excellent opportunity to mingle with the European customer base and discuss the latest customer service innovations and AI trends. Zendesk’s President of Products, Adrian McDermott, exposes the new reality of artificial intelligence, how to leverage answer bots and machine learning, and what the future of customer experience technology will actually look like.

1 pm – Welcome by Team Zendesk
1.10 pm Beauty & flaws of customer relationships by Zendesk – Prelini Udayan-Chiechi, VP Marketing EMEA
1.40 pm Customer Story I by Runtastic – Philipp Theißler, Head of Customer Happiness Team
2.00 pm BREAK
2.20 pm What’s next? Roadmap Outlook by Zendesk – Adrian McDermott, President of Product
3.15 pm Mini Break
3.30 pm Artificial Intelligence, the Future Is Now by Zendesk – Adrian McDermott, President of Product
4.10 pm Customer Story II by DigitalGenius – How Travel Bird masters CX experience – Chris Kellner, Head of Sales & Strategic Partnerships EMEA
4.30 pm Wrap Up & Departure to Oktoberfest from Filmcasino

THE ORGANISERS: Zendesk Germany



Published On: 19th Sep 2017 - Last modified: 3rd Nov 2017
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