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Richard Brimble – winner of the 2013 European Call Centre and Customer Service Lifetime Achievement Award – shares the secrets to his success.

1.    Never stop learning

Don’t go looking for awards but keep learning from other successful organisations, not necessarily in your industry.

Also look for talented people and work closely with them, whilst simultaneously avoiding negative people that will sap your energy levels.

2.    Aim to make a difference and change jobs when you aren’t

Aim to make a difference. Ask yourself if the people in your organisation will miss your contribution when you are no longer there? Is the company you work for any better because of what you have done? Is it noticeable?

If you are no longer making a difference in your present company, you should reflect on how you can, or move on to find a fresh challenge.

3.    Branch out on your own and explore the world

“During my career, I have set up my own consultancy and co-authored a book.

I learnt so much travelling the world, meeting so many inspirational people and working within diverse environments. I also now have relationships right across the world that I would not have made had I not made these career moves.”

4.    Meet new people as often as possible

Meet new people as often as possible, from any walk of life – everyone can influence your thoughts.

Also suspend judgement when engaging with people. It’s difficult, but I find as soon as you judge people you stop learning.

5.    Find something that you love doing

Find work that you find interesting and inspiring. The sooner you find things you love doing, the better you will be. You will be happier and you will be successful. Enjoy what you do and success will find you.

Why did Richard win the award?


Richard Brimble received the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of over 25 years of board-level experience in customer relations, internal communications and organisation change in a number of sectors including telecoms.

Paul Smedley

Paul Smedley

“The judging panel wanted to look this year for someone who combined passion to drive improvement for customers in their own organisation with an open and whole-hearted commitment to sharing and learning from others and a belief in the value of individuals. And a long track record of doing this,” said Paul Smedley, who sat on the judging panel for the European Call Centre and Customer Service Awards.

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 23rd Oct 2013 - Last modified: 8th Sep 2022
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