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Capacity Calculation

I was wondering; given the agents available and Average Handling Time what is the calculation to work out the capacity of those agents for a given time.

Say for example between 09:00 and 09:30 we will have 15 agents and the fore-casted AHT of this time will be 250 seconds. In this period the agents will be able to handle X calls. What is x?

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30 minutes = 1800 seconds

1800/250 (AHT)= 7.2 calls per agent *15 agents = 108 calls

I believe this maybe what your looking for however this does not take into account any sla’s.

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SLA in Calculation

Neils calculation also takes into account that all calls are received in a linear fashion.

If you did want to build an SLA into this you would need to lower the agents capacity based on call arrival accordingly.

I.e. you may get 80% of your traffic in the first 15 mins and 20% in the second. Your agents then do not have the capacity to answer and deal with as many calls because they are still on previous ones.

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Agents per Call

on the bottom half of this form it tells you how many agents you need per amount of calls. I was thinking there may be a way to reverse this? which I think is pretty much what I need.

New Excel Based Erlang Calculator – with Maximum Occupancy

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If I get 80% of my calls in first 15 mins and if I have staffed agents to handle all the volume for that interval considering the AHT at 240 secs. no matter what fashion the call arrives we will be able to achieve 80% SL, and agents will not be stuck on previous calls as they would have finished the call in the same half and ready to take calls in second half.

With thanks to Mohaammeds

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Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 22nd Apr 2022
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