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Capacity Planning

Hi, I am looking for details on Capacity Planning templates where I can input forecasted calls, AHT, FTE, abandoned calls target, utilisation% and it calculates the required FTE for any given period.

I have my own model but would like to validate it to ensure it is ‘fit for purpose’.

Please could you help me?

Many thanks

Question asked by Claire Walton

Answer for Capacity Planning

Your best approach would be to use the Call Centre Helper Erlang Calculator.

It does all of the above including abandoned calls.

With thanks to Jonty

How to Compute Call Capacity?

Hi need help. Not really good with capacity planning. Please help in computing call capacity per week with this given data.

Working hours in a day = 8 hours

Working days = 5 days

Total shrinkage = 20%

Calls per hour per week = 480

With thanks to Nana

Use the Weekly Planner

The Erlang Calculator also has a weekly planner.

Weekly Capacity Plan

Here is the link


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