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The team at Uniphore is very excited to share our new features and enhancements for the X Platform, U Portfolio and Q for Sales.

As more businesses look to adopt large language models and generative AI capabilities, Uniphore is committed to delivering responsible generative AI for the enterprise to ensure enterprise data is kept secure with our state-of-the-art proprietary AI models on the platform.

With this latest release, we’re introducing U-Capture, our newest solution to capture conversational data and enhance the performance across the U-Portfolio. Read on to learn what’s new at Uniphore!

X Platform

Generative AI

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) play an integral part of the Uniphore X Platform. Both are leveraged throughout our products to understand and respond to customer queries in an accurate and meaningful way.

Uniphore emphasizes data privacy and security in our proprietary Generative AI and transformer models with guardrails and to improve accuracy and explainability.

Introduction of U-Capture

With the recent acquisition of Red Box, we’re ecstatic to announce the launch of U-Capture, our newest solution that captures voice and screen recording data from 100% of customer conversations.

The addition of U-Capture enhances the performance of the entire U-Portfolio by providing high-quality, uncompressed stereo recording of AI-ready conversational data. Uniphore customers will now have:

  • Complete data sovereignty and the ability to freely access aggregated voice data from 100% of conversations, unlike today’s siloed and proprietary systems.
  • AI-based intent mining to analyze all historic and real-time conversations, extract conversation clusters, and identify automation opportunities.

U-Self Serve

Context Switching

As an AI company, we know that understanding is the foundation to realizing the value of conversations. So, while switching topics mid-conversation may be easy for humans to follow, that’s not the case with virtual agents.

With this latest release, U-Self Serve enhances its context switching capability, enabling virtual agents to maintain the original context of the conversation to drive resolution.

Outbound Engagement

We’ve expanded U-Self Serve’s outbound capabilities to cover more use cases across industries. By automating outbound conversations with virtual assistants, our customers are driving engagement, increasing revenue, and most importantly, improving their customer experience. Recent successes our customers have achieved with U-Self Serve’s proactive outreach include:

  • Informing Medicare beneficiaries on the availability of free COVID-19 testing kits and assisting with order placement
  • Automating debt recovery for one of the largest healthcare collection agencies in the US


Adding Intents Without Training Data

Accelerate the ability to build, deploy, and customize U-Assist with the option to add intents without any training data.

Using the new Experiences section within the X Console, users can easily define intents and map them to flows created in the X Designer. Perfect for domain-specific use cases, this new capability empowers users to improve workflows in an instant.


U-Assist helps agents accelerate their performance through real-time guidance, AI-sourced knowledge, automated call summary, and promise tracking. Now we’ve added automated chat summarization to take agent productivity to new heights!

With Summary, agents have the power to:

  • Automatically generate summaries for every call and chat interaction
  • Capture disposition and key entities such as customer/product information
  • Generate summaries for concurrent chat conversations
  • View, edit, and regenerate summaries

Q For Sales

Since its inception, Q for Sales has been a game changer for B2B Sales teams engaging with customers in an increasingly digital world.

In fact, a recent MIT Technology Review Insights Report highlighted how Q’s real-time Emotion AI capabilities allow sellers to “read the room” and apply “contextual literacy” in virtual and hybrid environments.

In addition to offering enhanced hybrid meeting support, our latest release expands upon Q’s already impressive skillset in four key areas:

  • Collaboration, including frictionless sharing for enhanced Meeting, Deal and Coaching collaboration
  • Enablement, with A/B testing and reaction-based content analysis
  • Guidance, including Presentation Guidance, using in-the-moment buyer insights
  • Coaching, via Empathy Coach, an AI-driven tool to heighten empathy awareness and suggest improvements.
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Published On: 4th Aug 2023 - Last modified: 8th Aug 2023
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