Customer Service Strategy

Looks at the strategic side of planning a contact centre for customer service, customer care or sales.

Create Customer Engagement with Emotions Image
7 Models for Creating Customer Engagement
Phone with contact us, call, mail or chat icons
Why Is Omnichannel Customer Service Important?
Customer feedback concept
11 Best Practices for a Voice of the Customer Survey
wallboard discussion
What Should You Be Displaying on Your Contact Centre Wallboards?
Person not accepting no on phone
How to Deal With Customers Who Don’t Take No for an Answer
Green phone
Next-Issue Avoidance – Techniques to Avoid Getting Repeat Calls
Person holding clock over their face
How Often You Should Seek Customer Feedback
Transformation concept with six stages of metamorphosis
Six Steps to CX Transformation
strategy board
Call Centre Quality Assurance: How to Create an Excellent QA Programme
What Is Performance Management? With a Definition and Best Practices
Pile of colorful painted wooden letters.
Customer Service Vocabulary: The Definitive Guide
Increasing graph with stick person jumping in happiness
How to Improve Customer Satisfaction
Hand on computer with unlocked symbols
5 Examples of Contact Centre Fraud – And How to Prevent Them!
Bowl of colourful loops top view
How to Provide Closed-Loop Feedback With Employees and Customers
Great idea concept with crumpled colorful paper and light bulb
Customer Experience Management – The Latest Thinking in Looking After Customers
Top Assurance Statements in Customer Service
The Top 10 Assurance Statements in Customer Service
Top Tips to Monitor Customer Service
Alternatives to “Sorry for the Inconvenience”
10 Customer Service Behaviours for Contact Centre Agents
10 Customer Service Behaviours Every Contact Centre Agent Should Have
A photo of a smiley emoji above a mobile phone
How to Create an Effective Digital Customer Service Strategy
A photo of an envelope being opened with confetti
Customer Service Emails and Letters: How to Review and Improve Your Templates
Repeat calls on yellow background
8 Tips for Reducing Repeat Contacts
Green envelope and dear valued customer letter
“Dear Valued Customer” – Say This Instead
red old phone and empty speech bubble
Customer Service Greetings – The Good, the Mediocre and the Innovative
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